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Minecraft Puzzle Maps

Puzzle maps aim to test your problem solving skills. They usually require you to complete a certain task in order to proceed to the next puzzle.

Subgenres: Finding, Trivia, Maze, Escape | Versions: 1.14, 1.13


Roomscape 5: End  

The 5th map in the Roomscape puzzle series.

Creator: Karott2000 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2014-07-02 Downloads: 62,093
(16 votes)
Comments: 99

Thief Craft  

Your mission is to rob the minecraft museum. Solve various riddles to work your way from one room to the next and try to gather as many gold ores as possible.

Creator: HoneyBanana MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-06-29 Downloads: 65,025
(14 votes)
Comments: 36

The Island of Mysteries  

The sequel to the puzzle map The Prisoner of Ravena. After your search for him, Vincent tricked you and marooned you on a small island in the Arctic.

Creator: SirWalta MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-06-16 Downloads: 29,614
(5 votes)
Comments: 33

UHC Puzzle  

Do you think you're good at solving puzzles and do you want to have a real challenge? well, try this map!

Creator: frodo_150 MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-06-12 Downloads: 36,266
(7 votes)
Comments: 21


This is my first minecraft puzzle map, featuring 16 hard puzzles that you've never seen before!

Creator: frodo_150 MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2014-05-28 Downloads: 30,985
(6 votes)
Comments: 55

One Way Prison Escape: Lockdown  

During lockdown, escape is possible. It's time to take advantage of your brain skills and find a way to get out of here while you still can.

Creator: parad0x MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-05-22 Downloads: 35,130
(13 votes)
Comments: 53

Roomscape 4: The Fourth  

Roomscape 4. Escape the rooms for the fourth time. Made for Minecraft 1.8.

Creator: Karott2000 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2014-04-08 Downloads: 42,476
(7 votes)
Comments: 80

Puzzle Partners  

Puzzle Partners is specially designed to be played with two players only, and features 18 unique and mind twisting puzzle chambers.

Creator: Evil_Octodad MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-03-22 Downloads: 63,364
(41 votes)
Comments: 30

Wizard Tower Quest  

Wizard tower quest is a long map filled with never-seen before, creative challenges, puzzles and riddles! Will you get to the top of the tower?

Creator: MrTFool MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2014-03-19 Downloads: 61,070
(9 votes)
Comments: 52

Roomscape 3: Impossible  

Made for Minecraft 1.8. Escape the rooms, again! Roomscape 3 features 20 unique rooms. Download now!

Creator: Karott2000 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2014-03-19 Downloads: 48,038
(11 votes)
Comments: 55
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