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Latest Maps Added Site FAQ

This is a quick FAQ, to answer a few common questions that are often asked.

Q: I've submitted my Minecraft map, but it hasn't been added to the site yet!
A: There could be many reasons as to why your map hasn't been added yet, here are the most common causes:

  • The download link for the map no longer works.
  • No screenshot has been added for the map.
  • The description section has been left blank, or is not unique/detailed enough.
  • Something went wrong with the submission process.

In many cases, your map may have just not been looked at by a moderator yet. Fear not! for all maps will be reviewed in time.

Q: It's been a long time since I submitted my map, why wasn't it added?
A: It's either still in the queue to be looked at, something went wrong with the submission process and your map wasn't submitted or it simply was declined.

Please keep in mind that that not every map will be added. If you think your map should of been accepted and are 100% sure then please contact us and we will look into it.

Q: Can I update my map once it has been approved?
A: Yes, you can submit changes to your map on the Map Update page.

Q: Comments are not showing up on my map page.
A: All comments are manually moderated and there has been a large increase in spam lately so it may take some time to show up. They will be there though, don't worry.

Downloading & Playing Maps

Q: How do I download maps from this site?
A: Click the large "Download Map" button at the top of the map description page. This will either instantly download the map file or take you to an link if the map maker has chosen to use one. If you can't see the download button image, you may have some kind of script blocking extension installed on your browser that is blocking it. You will have to either allow this site, or disable the extension to proceed.

Q: Are maps on this site free?
A: All of the maps on our site were made by the Minecraft community and are 100% free.

Q: Help! There's a virus in a map download.
A: This is likely caused by maps that use links. It's extremely important to only download the actual map file on when clicking links. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about this as has been widely used by the Minecraft community to support content creators for a long time.

Q: I've tried to download a map, but the link no longer works.
A: If you've found a broken download link, then please use the Contact form on our site to let us know, thanks!

Q: Do these Minecraft maps work on consoles?
A: No, most the maps featured on our site were made for the PC/Mac "Java" version of the game.

Q: How can I install a Minecraft map that I've downloaded?
A: Please check the "How to install Minecraft maps" page, for details on how to install a map.

Q: Why do I have to convert certain maps before playing them?
A: Minecraft 1.2 introduced a new file format called "The Anvil", and any custom maps made for previous versions of the game will have to be converted to the new format.

Q: Help! All of the chests in the map are empty.
A: Make sure that you're playing on the Minecraft version that the map was created for. In this case, it would probably be 1.8+. Please check the "How to Change Your Minecraft Version" page if you don't know how to change your Minecraft version.

Minecraft General FAQ

Q: Is Minecraft free?
A: No. Minecraft requires a one-time fee to play. All future game updates are included in the price. You can however play the Minecraft Demo for free, which lasts 100 minutes (it requires a Mojang Account). You could also the try 2011 PC Gamer Demo. This version is very out of date though.

Q: Who created Minecraft?
A: Minecraft was originally created by a single man, known by the name of Markus "Notch" Persson. The game is now developed by Mojang AB, which is owned by Microsoft Studios.

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