News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Maps for 1.14

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.14 (Java Edition).

Note: Some maps listed here were made for 1.14 Beta Snapshots and may not work with release version of 1.14.

Explore a highly detailed world with over 220 voices.. Use real guns and hand cannons and 3d modeled weapons.. All in vanilla Minecraft...

It's midnight and you have to go to the supermarket, but something might go wrong...

Crimcorp is Bankcrupt, and it is your job to revert that. Agent 002 you have been assigned to operation Heist, the greatest robbery of time.

GRIM DESCENT is an action adventure RPG, focused on the gritty adventure of unimportant criminals, trying to deal with the horrors they're put through.

Explore this magical castle with 400+ rooms and countless secrets waiting to be found. Why not try to complete its scavenger hunt, to add your name as a true Hogwarts student!

A bizarre adventure with 3 endings.

This is a parkour map for the people who are good at such maps (not me) I hope you like the map :)

This is another parkour map that will make fail on every jump. But this time it's not 300 but 500 blocks long.

Castle To None is a 3-6 player cooperative raid map, inspired by Bungie's Destiny 2 raid designs and adapted into the Minecraft world. - Infiltrate an old castle haunted by monsters and survive all encounters.

After a devistating nuclear war initiated, a special US Unit was sent to an isolated island to truck down the person responsible. Play in an open world map, with friends, Crysis gameplay and more, the possibilities are endless.

A Scary Horror Map. Worked Hard To Make This Map I Hope You Will Enjoy It.

A Graduation Ceremonial Stage in Minecraft!

Custom Terrain Survival Map! 5000 x 5000 Blocks Custom ore, structure biome and cave generation system.

This map is about parkour. There's 300 blocks between the start and the finish. There are 2 secrets too. They are very easy to get

This is a heavily story-driven map that takes place from the view of YouTuber JackSucksAtLife.

it's a parkour map with 4 stages on different theme in 1.14.4.

Journey through a variety of custom loot packed dungeons, each boasting a challenging boss at the end, in order to unravel a mystery and save the world. 

In BLISS: Bed of Nails, you take the role of a young girl whose father has fallen victim to some sort of plague. Having been locked up your father's house for a long time until he went missing, it is now on to you to venture and find out what's happening.

Hello my name is Mateo Grgić and i build Notre Dame and Medieval City in Minecraft world. This is one of my best creations ever, I hope you will like it...

The Nasty Banichars lived in peace on their islands. But one day an evil warrior called The Mighty Banichar took over the islands and cursed the Nasty Banichars' souls. Lots of custom mobs, bosses, items, music and advancements await you in this Open-world CTM map.