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Bessemer City

Created by xSlayer72

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This map was made in an older version of Minecraft, but should work fine in 1.14.4.

Map Info

Bessemer City is a project started back in January 2017 by xSlayer72 and ProjectFox, and is set in Eastern Tennessee.

The city began its humble beginning as a small roleplay map with a couple buildings and an inn. As more people joined to help out, Bessemer quickly began to grow and by December, the small buildings and houses were replaced by towering skyscrapers and huge modern mansions.

Very quickly, it became one of the biggest cities on the server. The city boasts a large downtown area, rich and sprawling suburbs, and sewer system.

There are also two major highways running through the city, I-67 and Jean-Michel Jarre freeway, which cuts directly through the downtown part of the city.

The city is a mix of real life buildings, such as the PNC Tower from Louisville, KY and the Marshall Fields building in downtown.

Bessemer City is currently the second largest city on the server, falling behind Jack City. The city is leading on to another project, Saluda, TN, which is going to begin in January 2020. Saluda is set in Eastern Tennessee, being built in the general location where I-67 meets with I-40, north of Bessemer City.

Further information will be released as the new project proceeds.



Server Ip: 1.minecraftbuild.com

  • Bessemer City Staff:
  • xSlayer72 - Owner, Founder, Leader
  • ProjectFox - Admin, Moderator
  • BraswellSaber - Admin, Moderator
  • Catlover104 - Admin, Moderator
  • evethepotato - Admin, Moderator


  • Cheeto_t0es
  • Emerald_One
  • Oriplotix
  • DefDoof
  • Kitty07195
  • StrangerThanU
  • TheBallisticgod
  • TntBossMan08


Map Details

Creator: xSlayer72
(759 votes)
Version: 0.1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 5.8 MB
Added: 2019-11-29
Downloads: 20,826
Category: City Maps


+10 xSlayer72 Hey all! I hope you all are enjoying the map in its current form! I am truly sorry for the recent lack of updates, as we have been very busy on the next update, update BessmerV2.0. We planned to get the next update out on the eighteenth of August, but our host server is currently having issues with converting the updated world save over to file form. I have also personally updated my username from xSlayer72 to kubikk877, so keep that in mind. Again, we’re working our hardest to get the bug fixed and the next update out :) I hope you all have a great day!

2020-08-23 15:38

-43 Ivor0504 Great job, any chance I can join and help you out? I am 9/10 builder

2019-12-09 06:56

+20 ConanAiAyumi 1.14 recalculate light levels when entering an old world, making the ice on skyscrapers melt. You should've set randomtickspeed to zero.

2019-12-03 05:23

+15 Mewion Is this map survival friendly? I assume it is, if its on a server, but It'd be nice to know.

2019-12-01 01:38


2019-11-30 15:12


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