News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Maps for 1.9

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.9 (Java Edition).

MLGdrop! Fall on 30 different levels, pass through obstacles, and land on the floor by placing a water bucket, just before you die! Become MLG!

One wrong turn and you're lost! Are you ready to solve this maze?

The map includes 10 droppers with amazing effects and structures.

Colona Island is known as a paradise. Many tourists came here year by year. Now a deadly virus transforms people into walkers, which try to kill and eat humans. Your are one of the survivors... 

Control a chicken that wishes they could one day fly.

Having been hired by SolveIT Inc after solving the Mystery of the Missing Cornerstone, you took on your first official case.

Use power ups while sliding over ice on a boat in a race against your friends! This map was inspired by Mario Kart!

The most colorful parkour map, now with special effects and a level editor!

Having solved the case in Spruten you were offered a job as a Rookie Detective for the SolveIT Detective Agency. You have accepted the job and your first day is today! What will your first official case lead to?

This is a sky-block-esque challenge map. Complete objectives and the monument will be built automatically for you.

This is a CTM map with seven different blocks, this adventure contains mob fights, puzzles, survival, and other quests.

Bash your way through 7 stages in a unique, plat-former styled map.

Well, well! You again! I will take my revenge! Oh, you do not know? Oh sorry! Pretend I did not say anything, okay? Okay! This map consists of 28 mazes!

The most colorful and crazy parkour map you ever seen!

A giant tower in a modern and special building style. Feel free to use it for whatever you want!

Dash your way through 10 More Speed Parkour Levels. But there's a twist! This time, you have 60 Seconds to complete each course.

Elytra Fall is a combination of a CTM and elytra flying mini-game map.

The goal is to fly to the end of the course using the Elytra as fast as possible!

You are a young detective fresh out of school. You decided to take a train to visit your family. While in route a snow storm hits stranding the train in a little town called Spruten. Will you make it home without incident?

You wake up in a destroyed facility. A voice told you something about a "training course". What is going on here?