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Christmas Minecraft Maps

Celebrate Christmas with these maps!

Explore the North Pole and save Christmas in this nice puzzle map made for the holidays!

A parkour map where you can jump around in a giant SNOW GLOBE!

You have been assigned 3 high priority targets that will be attending a Christmas party. Your mission is to infiltrate the party & eliminate the targets by any means necessary. Avoid Security if you can & try not to kill any civilians. Good Luck! *Hint* There are multiple ways to kill each target...

A small decorated area themed around Christmas. It has a few decorated objects, custom heads, NPCs, decorations and a secret room.

Grinch's Revenge is a Christmas themed PvE Adventure map. The playtime is 1-2 hours and it supports both single- and multi-player.

IceRun (Similar to lava run) is a multiplayer game in which each player breaks the ice when he steps on it.

Search for 6 different colour wools for Mrs Claus' new Christmas jumper.

Welcome to the North Pole where everything is jolly and bri- wait a second... I'm not even paid to do this, let alone hide all the problems!

Christmas is nigh and Santa is missing in Christmas Town. Solve puzzles, interview suspects, and uncover many secrets in order to find him and save Christmas. You just might find that there's some shady business going on in this supposedly joyful community.

"Christmas is approaching, lets play a Christmas Find The Button" Playtime: [5 minutes]

This map is a Christmas themed mix between hide and seek and find the button for you to play with a friend!

See, kids, this is why you shouldn't skip career planning.

Play 10 Christmas minigames to win Santa's Hat! Test your skills in a variety of minigames from variations of spleef, to droppers, to snowball fights!

Santa Claus lost all the presents once again and needs your help to find them!

When you wake up on Christmas night, Santa is missing and his hat is lying on your living room floor. Join a cast of animated and voiced characters on a journey to save Santa..

Play as an elf and try to save Christmas by defeating hordes of evil toys using various weapons!

After a long year of exploring, you return to the North Pole Station only to find Santa... missing? Where did he go? Is he alright? Will he make it back in time for Christmas?

You wake up a few days before Christmas and Santa announces that Christmas Preparation is behind schedule. Will you be able to help the elves, repair the magic toy generator, and fix the sleigh's engine? Or will this Christmas be Chaos?

Have a merry Christmas with 8 glitches during the holiday season!

When the present for your dearest one is lost, to what lengths will you go to retrieve it? The Lost Present is a story about the bravery needed as you travel to the North Pole to find what has been lost. Will you perform your Christmas miracle?

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