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Minecraft Maps for 1.18

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.18 & 1.18.1 (Java Edition).

A chill little parkour map with the same vibe as No Time To Stop.

A modern race for the wool map with caves and cliffs aesthetic! Play against your friends and become the wool champions!

Kansas City and Beyond.  Focuses heavily on Kansas City's unique architecture.  A great City map!

The parkour has been sucked into a whirlpooll! This is a fast-paced parkour map with many unique features! Start at the bottom of the whirlpool and parkour your way up. Some blocks are moving soo make sure you dont fall of.

A twist on single-player Skyblock with three simple warps that lead to a wave-based arena, shop, and long deadly and most challenging dungeon. 

Captive Minecraft brought in the new Caves And Cliffs update!

You're knocked out and wake up in a spooky mansion. Will you be able to escape?

Midland is a Story-Driven RPG adventure map where you use RPG-style special abilities, your guts, your friends' guts, and more to experience a squad of Red Cross Knights' tale of fighting creatures from the Other Side.

You see a rat run by you while your at a café, maybe it's your old pet..

Short, well-crafted horror map Contains puzzles Map layout inspired by OG horror map 'The Orphanage'.

Tactical Gaggle is a fps minigame starring funny geese and their dangerous guns.

The NO troll map is a wonderful parkour track, however, it includes a dropper, redstone, block-clutch, and survival parts as well.

The End is in turmoil. Soon, a portal to a new world will be opened, but not everyone is so keen about that. So grab your staffs and head into battle against dozens of novel enemies all at once.

The end of your investigation lands you in a peculiar space, where white washed halls shroud fragments of reality. With nothing but your wits, and a note from a familiar hand, do you have what it takes to escape?

You fell into a jar and have to get out. That's the challenge in this short parkour map.

Fly your plane and shoot down your friends in this dogfighting PvP minigame.

Battle your friends to take the throne as the best colour, in a more "peaceful" way.

Chamber Run is a very quick Parkour/Puzzle Map in the style of portal. It may seem pretty cute at first, but it will take some amount of skill to get trough all 3 Levels.

It is a hybrid of a puzzle and a parkour map. I used a lot of the new blocks and features from the 1.18 update. 

Hello today we bring here a project that we have been working on for a long time, "Portuguese Village", a project where we tried to recreate a village in the north of Portugal.

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