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Warp: Teleportation Gone Wrong

Created by ElectraMiner

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Map Info

This map is the 1.9 version of the 1.8 map Warp: Teleportation Gone Wrong. In it, you find yourself in a top-secret science lab that studies plasma guns, gravity control devices, teleportation, and more. Use the Gravitrion to explore the facility and float upwards. The Plasma Gun can melt any glass it's beam touches. Be careful, however. The collapsed teleporter caused a large explosion and you are the only survivor.


This version features improved mechanics from the original 1.8 version. This update's changelog:

  • New command block types increase frame rate
  • Glitch with one of the teleports has been fixed, making it less confusing
  • The Gravitron's effect is now made possible using smooth levitation rather than barrier jumping
  • Credits have been improved to show playtester
  • Check has been added to confirm your minecraft version
  • Almost all computer logs have been updated
  • Title screen shows new minecraft version 1.9
  • Finish room simplified
  • The powered down facility is shown for a longer time, making the effect more clear
  • Buttons are easier to press, not requiring you to jump
  • Buttons do not glitch when using Gravitron
  • Noisy piston mechanism has been removed
  • Various holes in the floor that were accessible using Plasma Gun have been removed
  • You cannot get outside of the map by going past the elevator limits

Map Details

Creator: ElectraMiner
(39 votes)
Version: 1.9
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 66.98 MB
Added: 2016-02-13
Downloads: 2,858
Category: Puzzle Maps


ElectraMiner Quoting NOPE:
Why does nothing happen, I just keep walking. And walking. The first room is hard.

Figure out how to avoid the wormhole. It's a PUZZLE MAP.

2016-04-30 12:59

NOPE Why does nothing happen, I just keep walking. And walking. The first room is hard.

2016-04-25 01:51

ElectraMiner This map has been updated to 1.9.

2016-04-20 20:19

ElectraMiner Quoting Singerboy41:
Is it multiplayer compatible?

It is not multiplayer compatible. In fact, it will glitch out severley if multiple people try to play. Sorry. :(

2016-02-15 02:43

Singerboy41 Is it multiplayer compatible?

2016-02-14 19:13

ElectraMiner If you need a walkthrough (make sure you give the map a go first) watch this video:

2016-02-14 13:11

ElectraMiner Note: If you give up on this map, watch this walkthrough video:
Do not watch unless you have given the map a try - it contains major spoilers.

2016-02-14 01:30

ElectraMiner Ruidium, the wormhole does not impede your progress. It may seem like it at first, but that is part of the puzzle.
Tip: Try looking where you get teleported to witness the event.

2016-02-14 00:19

Ruidium Spoiler:
The wormholes will prevent players from continuing the adventure map.

2016-02-13 19:29


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