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Latest Maps Added

Ember's Edge v1.0 - 2022-12-01
Custom SkyWars v1.0 - 2022-12-01
A Starborne Mission v1.0 - 2022-12-01
Panoris High: Reborn v1.19 - 2022-12-01

Popular Maps This Week

Minecraft Puzzle Maps for 1.19

These Puzzle maps were made for Minecraft 1.19 (Java Edition).

A high-stakes and thrilling puzzle map that incorporates both brain and brawn. Solve challenging puzzles that requires you to think outside the box.

This is a little puzzle map about a man (you) trapped underground coming to the surface. Use your brain to achive this goal!

No input two! A short puzzle map which is a sequel to No input one, It contains 4 stages with rather easy puzzles that the player has to solve!

You and your crewmates are stranded in space. Venture to different plants to solve puzzles and earn replacement ship parts to make it back home!

Ever wanted to explore a mysterious dungeon, collect powerups, and gain loot? Well look no further!

 Red & Blue 2D - is a puzzle map, based on the game "Fireboy and Watergirl". Just like in the original, you'll have to face challenging parkours and puzzles to make through all the levels.

No input is a map, mainly focused around solving puzzles with no context, only clues!

A day in the Lab is a puzzle map like no other! You will follow along a storyline and solve puzzles on the way! Can you uncover the mysteries of the lab?

A 3-pack of short speedrun puzzle maps to be completed in 100 seconds.

Hey, you. Yes, you! Are you looking for a puzzle map to play? Well, you're in luck because Maybe You Can Play This Map!

A player explores a work-in-progress build site, using unintended mechanics to progress.

An Escape Room Filled With Lore, Lots Of Puzzles, and 1.19! Make Sure To Not Break Blocks!

A vex fell in love with an allay.

Upwards is a unique and engaging puzzle map, where you have lost your ability to jump. Solve puzzles and use intricate mechanics to reach the top.

Welcome to the Kitatcho Laboratories! A scientific research facility built with the express purpose of testing cognitive function and problem-solving skills! Do you have what it takes to be their first successful test subject?

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