Featured: Complete the Monument in these Minecraft CTM Maps!

Minecraft Maps for 1.16

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.16, 1.16.1 & 1.16.2 (Java Edition).

Odd 100 out is a Minecraft trivia map with 100 levels of fun and excitement.

This is the longest parkour in Minecraft. Fit with 350 levels, 7 zones and a built in timer it is one of the coolest parkour maps ever made.

Make your way up The Pillar!

This is a puzzle map where you need to push the snow ball/block to create a path, there are 25 levels to complete, and each level has been tested and it is possible to solve, [Right click] to push the snow and press [f] to reset the current level, all snow ball are useful. You cannot jump in this map.

Are you tired of losing to hard dropper maps? Well here's the solution for you! The Easiest Dropper features 10 fun and quirky droppers, with a special prize at the end if you complete it!

Minecraft made in Minecraft using only redstone, features a 64x64 2D world with an 11x11 map screen, 8 placeable blocks, creative/survival mode toggle, sand and water physics, fall damage, drowning, death screen, item loss, and a working inventory system. 

A puzzle map where you can time travel!

Left on an abandoned continent, a lone soul must explore the great city of Jolhaim and discover what happened to the people who once inhabited this land, while something wicked stands in their way.

This is a minecraft map where a strange bridge that connects two islands. Your goal is to find what is the meaning of that. Indeed, cross the bridge will show you the events of the two islands. It's a puzzle map so prepare your brain.

Travel as a strider throughout a freezing environment while trying to find a way to get back to the warmth of home. Along the way, you find out why you are even there in the first place, encounter bosses, find loot and secrets, and use your unique strider abilities to get past obstacles.

An epic, role playing adventure game with custom bosses, loot for grabbing, and the pressure of saving the minecraft world from the Shadow for a second time...

3 object CTM map with a highly unique combat sytle.

CTM map with a twist, retrieve three wool blocks while the entire world explodes around you.

Looking for a fast-paced treacherous venture? Look no further! Brought to you by GOBBK: A Sky Island, 12-Objective, CTM Map themed around the 4 Seasons!

Mycelium Madness is a hardcore minictm map with two objectives To win, you must place two wools at the monument

Another Parkour map with beautiful scenery!! We've got a huge Jumbo Block house that you will be jumping and skipping over today in this not so tough, but absolutely fun Parkour challenge! Hope you guys enjoy it!! :)

This is a puzzle game, solve puzzle in every room to escape, enjoy!!

Unexpectedly, you find yourself in an apparently abandoned underwater facility called Pathos-II. While trying to discover how you got there, you find robots that have started to think they are human. Can you figure out what's going on?

Hi, this is my first map. I hope you like it and the theme of the map is finding the button (BUTTON FINDER). The map is not easy, and i spent a lot of time working on it.

In this puzzle map the floor falls beneath you! A new take on the TNT run concept, but now as a puzzle/parkour map.