News: Minecraft 1.15 "Buzzy Bees" update has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Maps for 1.16

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.16 (Java Edition).

This starts off as a normal Parkour Map, but in the end seems to be a challenging adventure!

3 maps - 100 seconds - can you complete them all?

Hit the targets!

This is a parkour map.

How well do you know maps?

This is a parkour map to celebrate the 1.16! In this parkour you will visit the bastions, the soul sand valley, the crimson/warped forest and the basalt deltas during your parkour with lanterns, skulls, soul speed, chain and all the new blocks.

Test your Minecraft parkour skills with this short, but challenging map!

A remix of the map "The Towers" for Minecraft 1.16 ! Use the resources of your base, take control of the middle and score points in the enemy base ! A very strategic map where you will have to organize to defend your base while trying to score points in the other.

After over a year, the long awaited reboot of The Easiest Map In The World is here, now with even less trolls/secrets and even more easiness! It's so easy!

Reach the end of the parkour in each level under a certain time limit. Run out of time? Don't worry, you'll just get teleported back!

A speedrun parkour map using the brand new 1.16 item frame features.


Go further than any player before as you solve the puzzles of the rusted and decaying tenth level in a famous sports and entertainment competition! Collect obsidian blocks from three unique challenges in the forgotten Level 10 and proceed on to Level 11.