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Dimension Chambers

Created by Ds43m

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This map requires Minecraft 1.9 - Snapshot 16w04a.

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Map Info:
Dimension Chambers is a Puzzle / Parkour / Bossfight map made for singleplayer.

You can play it in snapshot 16w04a or above !

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My other map: Fireworks Parkour

Map Details

Creator: Ds43m
(73 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 4.64 MB
Added: 2016-02-15
Downloads: 5,754
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Void_Droid Quoting Winston:
How Do You Pass The First Door I Clicked It With The Real Key and it wont work!!

There is something wrong with the command blocks. Just go in creative and skip that level.
Your Welcome.

2016-03-30 21:15

-1 XxBatman99xX The boss fight was WAY too hard, but other than that it was an awesome map!

2016-03-25 02:38

+1 Winston How Do You Pass The First Door I Clicked It With The Real Key and it wont work!!

2016-03-22 22:45

+3 IMMANOOB7261 i cant even solve the first puzzle i switched everything and nothing worked

2016-03-12 02:55

+6 Metodp How to open the door in the first puzzle? I clicked everywhere with the real key...

2016-03-08 13:20

+2 Lackhammer I dont understand what do you do? All there is is some tripwire hooks and an iron door and i cant do anything with them

2016-03-01 23:10

+2 Eukaryotic That was one of the best maps I have ever played. I raged at the boss fight for a while, same for the parkour. You should make more maps!! This was amazing! 11/10!

2016-02-25 04:52

+2 DaAwesomeMelon Nice map! Only the boss fight is REALLY hard to beat without cheating. But good job! :D

2016-02-17 03:04

+11 vascoelho buttons on the beginning donĀ“t work? Help me

2016-02-16 17:25


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