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Minecraft Build Maps

Creation maps don't really have any set goal, the main purpose of them is to show off the amazing creations that players have made in-game.

Subgenre: City | House | Castle Amusement Park | Medieval


Military Warfare Tycoon


Military Warfare Tycoon is a Roblox tycoon game where you can build your base and battle other players. Now you can experience it in Minecraft! Explore the world, look through people's bases, and maybe find some secrets and easter eggs along the way...

Creator: Dommus MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-09-20 Downloads: 168
(1 vote)
File Size: 5.35 MB

Mystical Wonders of a Japanese Village


journey through a fantastical Japanese village in Minecraft!

Creator: kuyu12 MC Version: 1.19
Date Added: 2023-08-11 Downloads: 1,324
(4 votes)
File Size: 85.19 MB

Stadionul Ilie Oană


Stadionul Ilie Oană is a football stadium in Ploiești, România and it is the home of Petrolul Ploiești.

Creator: Mario25 MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-05-06 Downloads: 400
(4 votes)
File Size: 4.9 MB

Winter Valley


Festive Christmas map with models.

Creator: Slender, reking & Bansed MC Version: 1.19.3
Date Added: 2023-02-03 Downloads: 857
(4 votes)
File Size: 5.3 MB

Statue House


A statue with a fully liveable space inside!

Creator: Notch__ MC Version: 1.19.3
Date Added: 2023-01-07 Downloads: 587
(5 votes)
File Size: 3 MB

Amethyst Ballroom


Amethyst Ballroom. Found in the Alpine Mountains with a valley nearby and a series of deep rivers. Has multiple bridges, a royal gardens and a few other things for you to explore. Enjoy!

Creator: Flamebird13 MC Version: 1.19.3
Date Added: 2022-12-24 Downloads: 1,105
(6 votes)
File Size: 35.9 MB

Egyptian Faction Spawn


Egyptian Faction Spawn v1.19.2. Faction Spawn + Warzone. Built by: Httpsjohnathan

Creator: Httpsjohnathan MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2022-12-15 Downloads: 850
(8 votes)
File Size: 16.5 MB

Deep Stone Crypt Raid


This is the Deep Stone Crypt raid from the game, Destiny 2, recreated into Minecraft! (Explore Only!)

Creator: Nyx MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2022-11-23 Downloads: 434
(3 votes)
File Size: 10.3 MB



A small cozy island with fully furnished buildings.

Creator: Shopia Uniku MC Version: 1.19.1
Date Added: 2022-08-27 Downloads: 1,841
(7 votes)
File Size: 18 MB

San Pedrazas


San Pedrazas is a Mediterranean-like town.

Creator: Thewizard62 MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2022-08-27 Downloads: 2,536
(9 votes)
File Size: 6.36 MB

Huge Burj Khalifa

Huge Burj Khalifa 1

Took me over 30 hours to build this, exterior only, built to height limit. There is actually a pit dug around the tower to achieve an extra 100 blocks of height as compared to sea level (will make sense once you're in).

Creator: notkvnchn / masterlays MC Version: 1.18.2
Date Added: 2022-05-12 Downloads: 2,783
(6 votes)
File Size: 113.7 MB

Scythebrine's 20th Map


That's right. This is my 20th map. Are you excited to see what I've prepared for you?

Creator: Scythebrine MC Version: 1.18.2
Date Added: 2022-03-23 Downloads: 693
(11 votes)
File Size: 6.4 MB

Palace of Westminster


To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, which together with the Palace of Westminster: are the greatest symbols of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Creator: aguero MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2022-02-15 Downloads: 5,412
(62 votes)
File Size: 13.8 MB

Mountain Lake Village


Made with the Viral 1.18 seed you may have seen on Social Media Perfect for Hide and Seek, Tag, and other Minigames!

Creator: ZachOBuilds MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2022-02-15 Downloads: 6,570
(31 votes)
File Size: 48 MB


Grumbot777 Screenshot

Hello guys! So, I decided to upgrade Grumbot from Season 7 of Hermitcraft, and this was the result! I call it Grumbot777, which, as you can probably guess, is a combination of Grumbot and Psykat777(me).

Creator: PsyKat777 MC Version: 1.18.1
Date Added: 2022-02-15 Downloads: 638
(10 votes)
File Size: 5 MB
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