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Minecraft Survival Maps

Survival maps are usually about managing to survive with limited resources. They are essentially a custom experience of the survival mode in vanilla Minecraft. They often have certain objectives to complete as well.

, SkyBlock

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One Block Skyblock  

This is a survival and adventure map, with a little story to discover. With the possibility of going to the Nether and End, with 18 missions to complete and with a lot of gameplay ahead, this is certainly a worthwhile adventure.

Creator: filipum MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-10-09 Downloads: 1,100
(119 votes)
Comments: 170


This is Beastmaster, a custom survival experience for one player. In this map you will explore 7 lands, each with their own Advancements. Your skills and equipment will improve as you become stronger.

Creator: bRanN MC Version: 1.16.2
Date Added: 2020-09-11 Downloads: 1,683
(79 votes)
Comments: 17

Skyblock Infinite  

An Enhanced Skyblock With 27 Islands Including The Nether! This Took Longer Than It Should Have But Now That It Is Finished, It Can Now Be Played By Anyone! Multiple Players Can Join The Fun To Help You Complete The Game!

Creator: CraftersForge MC Version: 1.16.2
Date Added: 2020-08-21 Downloads: 3,536
(145 votes)
Comments: 26

Fork Planet Survival  

Is it easy to survive on a planet which is shaped like a fork? Let's find out!

Creator: Scythebrine MC Version: 1.16.2
Date Added: 2020-08-17 Downloads: 2,504
(178 votes)
Comments: 22

Upgraded Survival  

Open-world Survival! Free exploration, custom structures and mobs. #Survival #Adventure #Medieval #RGP #Custom

Creator: lil_eclipse MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-08-17 Downloads: 3,389
(180 votes)
Comments: 18


You are Kidnapped and brought to an island, your mission is to survive and complete all the quests... But first a BIG choice!

Creator: Thibeau12 MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-08-17 Downloads: 1,724
(132 votes)
Comments: 7

Beyond 256: Flight Simulator  

Explore a world where the only goal is adventure! This is a modified survival experience.

Creator: DTplayers MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-08-17 Downloads: 1,608
(118 votes)
Comments: 12

Skyblock Uncharted  

This map is a skyblock themed world with a map showing you where you can find dungeons secrets and so much more! there is also a bit of secret lore if you know where to look :)

Creator: Maxsona MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-08-17 Downloads: 2,067
(82 votes)
Comments: 7

Empty Quarter  

It's survival map Inspired by the desert in Saudi Arabia and it's almost empty. You have one goal and it's simply to collect all the challenges.

Creator: AyoTube90 MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-07-27 Downloads: 891
(135 votes)
Comments: 33

Horizon Survival  

A SkyBlock map with hand-made islands featuring resources & dangers of all sorts.

Creator: Sandro Gekeler MC Version: 1.16
Date Added: 2020-05-24 Downloads: 4,967
(253 votes)
Comments: 22
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