Featured: Minecraft 1.19 has been released! Here's a list of all Minecraft 1.19 Maps.

Latest Maps Added

1. The Last Pillar of Light v1.0 - 2022-09-24
2. Interstellar v1.0 - 2022-09-24
3. Illager Island II v1.0 - 2022-09-24
4. Desert Estate Survival Spawn v1.0 - 2022-09-24
5. Toxic Escape v1.0 - 2022-09-24

Updated Maps

Minecraft Maps for 1.19

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.19 (Java Edition).

A Fantasy-Mediterranean Minecraft city set on a cliff rising from the middle of the ocean.

Astronauts on the Wolfendorf Station are lacking water. It's your task to save them from this water shortage.

Illager Island 2 is a massive island, home to thousands of Illagers who live within the underground city, coastal region, & the royal Illager mansion. All have their own unique chapters, achievements & puzzles associated with the story.

Vanilla-Desert-Estate-Survival-Spawn with custom villagers and item trades. High quality creative build of a Persian Themed Mini-Palace designed for survival use.

Can you escape the facility before the toxic water reaches you? This map is playable with 1 or more players and includes 6 unique rooms to escape from!

Are you the ultimate button finder? Play this to prove it! Currently in beta, so not all contents are available right now.

PVE: Preparing Versus Enemies Is a PvE map where you need to fight in an arena to become strong enough for to defeat the Strategy Master.

The sequel to the first deathrun map! 3 maps to challenge and trap your friends or foes. As the Runner the goal, is to avoid traps and escape. As the Death, you need to kill the Runners before they get to the end using traps.

 Red & Blue 2D - is a puzzle map, based on the game "Fireboy and Watergirl". Just like in the original, you'll have to face challenging parkours and puzzles to make through all the levels.

Welcome to the City of New Blockston, a Canadian city with New England influences, started in June 2021! Located on the shores of Lake Naicouche and along the banks of the Mons River, New Blockston is a blossoming city in its prime. From parks, to attractions, to skyscrapers and historic buildings, there's something for everyone in New Blockston!

You are a Hero, and you have to kill the Abyss before it destroys the world you live in... (put with a little plot at the end..)

Welcome to Grade Parkour 2 and this is the second map of the Grade Parkour series!

minigame map for 1+ players, based on parkour with adjustable lenght and random track

In This Map There Are Many Levels, that go from a simple find the button, to a trivia and even a horror map.

You are playing in your normal Minecraft world until you somehow get trapped in the backrooms. Will you be able to find your way out, will you be stuck there for ever, or even worse, will you be the victim of whatever creature lurks in the backrooms...

Don't run out of points, capture mid, fight, win!

Ascend is a strategy focused level up game. It supports multi and singleplayer and offers different difficulties to fit the need of every player.

A short Mini-CTM map where you need to find 2 Wools and put them on the Monument, sounds easy said than done, but along the way you will have to fight for your survival against many opponents who's only purpose is to kill you.

Fun Customizable PvP Map! Set your own skill level according to your opponent and battle away! Choose between 30 different Buffs/Debuffs

In this Find the button map you need to find the button on minecraft biomes plus a few maps that doesn't exist but i would like to so i added that biomes too

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