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Featured: Minecraft 1.19 has been released! Here's a list of all Minecraft 1.19 Maps.

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1. The Last Pillar of Light v1.0 - 2022-09-24
2. Interstellar v1.0 - 2022-09-24
3. Illager Island II v1.0 - 2022-09-24
4. Desert Estate Survival Spawn v1.0 - 2022-09-24
5. Toxic Escape v1.0 - 2022-09-24

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The Last Pillar of Light


A Fantasy-Mediterranean Minecraft city set on a cliff rising from the middle of the ocean.

Creator: Bambusz MC Version: 1.19 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-24 Downloads: 283
(4 votes)
File Size: 38.4 MB


Interstellar Banner

Astronauts on the Wolfendorf Station are lacking water. It's your task to save them from this water shortage.

Creator: ItsPungpond98 MC Version: 1.19 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-24 Downloads: 434
(4 votes)
File Size: 348.8 MB

Illager Island II


Illager Island 2 is a massive island, home to thousands of Illagers who live within the underground city, coastal region, & the royal Illager mansion. All have their own unique chapters, achievements & puzzles associated with the story.

Creator: DoctorChosen MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-24 Downloads: 233
(8 votes)
File Size: 106.6 MB

Desert Estate Survival Spawn


Vanilla-Desert-Estate-Survival-Spawn with custom villagers and item trades. High quality creative build of a Persian Themed Mini-Palace designed for survival use.

Creator: Flaxen_Hastur MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-24 Downloads: 247
(1 vote)
File Size: 432.7 MB

Toxic Escape


Can you escape the facility before the toxic water reaches you? This map is playable with 1 or more players and includes 6 unique rooms to escape from!

Creator: Bansed MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-24 Downloads: 325
(5 votes)
File Size: 6.2 MB

Flashback Hell I: Undergrove Jungle

Flashback Hell Teaser5 1

The first adventure of the new CTM map series 'Flashback Hell' awaits you! Explore a mysterious jungle, discover the remains of an ancient civilization and try to survive in this dangerous world!

Creator: GeoCobra MC Version: 1.17.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-19 Downloads: 717
(7 votes)
File Size: 28.6 MB



You wanted to see your grandma after a long time. But she wasn't at her house! That's why you decided to find her and made a horrible discovery.

Creator: Lumarox MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-19 Downloads: 599
(8 votes)
File Size: 147.2 MB

Ultimate Buttons


Are you the ultimate button finder? Play this to prove it! Currently in beta, so not all contents are available right now.

Creator: Pvt_Winters MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-19 Downloads: 516
(6 votes)
File Size: 2.9 MB

PVE: Preparing Versus Enemies


PVE: Preparing Versus Enemies Is a PvE map where you need to fight in an arena to become strong enough for to defeat the Strategy Master.

Creator: Joepstin MC Version: 1.19.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-19 Downloads: 441
(8 votes)
File Size: 13.6 MB

SCP-087 - Stairwell


The mysterious stairwell located on the campus. What's inside there?
Creator: Vendomil MC Version: 1.18.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 1,255
(13 votes)
File Size: 48 MB

DeathRun: Ultimate II

unknown 5

The sequel to the first deathrun map! 3 maps to challenge and trap your friends or foes. As the Runner the goal, is to avoid traps and escape. As the Death, you need to kill the Runners before they get to the end using traps.

Creator: FeatureFire MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 785
(7 votes)
File Size: 18 MB

Final Hour


Final Hour is a Horror PS1 style map. You play the role of a policeman who after a long day of work, goes back to the police station late in the night to finish up some work before going home.

Creator: Has0ne, Exypnos_ MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 1,063
(14 votes)
File Size: 14.8 MB

Red & Blue 2D


 Red & Blue 2D - is a puzzle map, based on the game "Fireboy and Watergirl". Just like in the original, you'll have to face challenging parkours and puzzles to make through all the levels.

Creator: creiv_ MC Version: 1.19.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 520
(7 votes)
File Size: 35.2 MB

New Blockston

New Blockston

Welcome to the City of New Blockston, a Canadian city with New England influences, started in June 2021! Located on the shores of Lake Naicouche and along the banks of the Mons River, New Blockston is a blossoming city in its prime. From parks, to attractions, to skyscrapers and historic buildings, there's something for everyone in New Blockston!

Creator: New Blockston Building Team MC Version: 1.19 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 1,262
(12 votes)
File Size: 282.1 MB



Sundown is a single player combat and exploration driven Minecraft map. If you enjoy exploring unique and diverse areas, as well as upgrading your weapons and armor to take on enemies and bosses, then you may enjoy this map.

Creator: Calvin Kienast MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-09-14 Downloads: 447
(8 votes)
File Size: 741 MB
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