News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Maps for 1.15

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.15 (Java Edition).

Dead Meadow is a past-paced horror themed mini-game, forcing players to either find buttons to escape, discover who the killer is, or simply survive the timer, all whilst being hunted by one random player...

A parkour map with 10 levels. You meet a strange man who wants to sell you a weird potion. Will you buy it from him?

A Parkour map with a big working mirror in the middle of the room.

A short but fun and challenging parkour map with 9 different stages for you to test your parkour abilities.

Second part of my previous map: PARKOUR STRIPES. Six new levels, from easy to…. well you’ll see.

Garrith has escaped and is wreaking havoc on the world. He and his accomplices are starting their plan.. Now, you must assemble your friends you've made along the way and join forces to stop evil once and for all.

With Dr. Dune's "Dune Modifiers" and your master military experience, you upload your conscious to a USB. 

You land on a dead planet. Discover the magic of the five elements to bring back the life.

Three stages, one goal - balance mental health. With parkour and puzzles

You found out that your friends is dead, you have no idea who killed them. Who was it?

A solar system of planets that can be completely explored, complete with a story to guide you through them and realistic gravity, so players can walk around on every side of the planets.

As a zombie, you need to find shelter before the blistering sun rises. However, there's other Undead mobs taking up room in the graveyard. Fight for a place among the graves before daylight hits!

In this map, as a seller, you'll have to hastily serve the villagers handing them either goods directly from the chests or pre-crafting them first. However, other concerns may arise...

A Story planned out since early 2016... In this 6 chapter adventure you will explore many rooms, boss fights, mysteries, and more. This Chapter takes place on October 31st - November 2nd of 2008, Herobrine won at the end of Chapter II, but there is still hope left to kill him and rescue the Cousin of Noah.

Frustration Floors is a short, but sweet map that includes various difficult jumps.  Can you take on the challenge?

A puzzle map to teach you circuit logic.

You find the restaurant that Gordon Ramsay vanished in three years ago.. But you won't leave RAW.


This is a find the buttons map, neither too simple nor too difficult, with 9 levels! Enjoy!

Ender Orb is a HARDCORE mini-ctm with two wools.

Make your way from Start to Finish in the World's Largest Minecraft Maze! Explore everywhere from the Labyrinthine Library to the Halls of Null as you solve this gigantic maze!