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1. Parkour Addiction 2 v1.0 - 2022-07-03
2. Dagon v1.0 - 2022-06-28
3. Elden World v1.01 - 2022-06-28
4. The Sheep From Mars v1.0 - 2022-06-28
5. Battle Brainz v1.0 - 2022-06-28

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Center City Philadelphia

Minecraft 1.18.2 5_8_2022 6_27_57 PM

Center City Philadelphia focuses on Philadelphia's unique architecture interiors and exteriors on a 1:1 based scale!  Very accurate design to Philadelphia's buildings.

Creator: Travis Hicks MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-05-19 Downloads: 3,166
(11 votes)
File Size: 35.7 MB


muryangsa thumbnail

Mu-Ryang-Sa (무량사) is a small nature village worth exploring.

Creator: Anson MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-05-13 Downloads: 2,170
(9 votes)
File Size: 42.9 MB

Cheminecraft City


This is a Chemistry PBL project, enjoy.

Creator: KongXueLim MC Version: 1.18.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-05-13 Downloads: 3,265
(12 votes)
File Size: 12.8 MB


Shmar Picture Minecraft Maps

Shmar is a solo-built, fictional city based on Chicago and similar midwestern cities. The city is very realistic and detailed with lots of places to explore and interiors in every building. The city is very reminiscent of Chicago architecture and urban planning. I have spent 1000s of hours building it, and this is only the beginning as I plan to continue working on it.

Creator: HomieTrain MC Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-05-07 Downloads: 4,776
(18 votes)
File Size: 15.6 MB

Matt's MineCity

MineCity Front Page Image Text

A Massive Modern City with Skyscrapers, Suburbs and a large International Airport.

Creator: Minenitrogue MC Version: 1.18.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-04-07 Downloads: 8,710
(54 votes)
File Size: 1.5 GB

Liberty City


Skyscrapers, Beaches, Mountains, Broadway Theaters, A Stadium, Subway System and so much more! 6 years of solo building to get to this point. A nice size city for you to explore and learn the secrets of the city!

Creator: Jay Elzer MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-03-31 Downloads: 8,593
(65 votes)
File Size: 37 MB

Kansas City and Beyond


Kansas City and Beyond.  Focuses heavily on Kansas City's unique architecture.  A great City map!

Creator: Travis Hicks MC Version: 1.18.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2022-01-19 Downloads: 4,918
(217 votes)
File Size: 101.9 MB



Delburrow is a fully furnished WIP superflat city map.

Creator: Dandertuts MC Version: 1.17 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-12-03 Downloads: 3,273
(166 votes)
File Size: 17.6 MB

Amberlight City Apocalypse

A large abandoned city completely overgrown in some areas by dense forest. Can you survive in a monster-ridden crumbing city? Look for loot, items, and weapons to survive in the treacherous jungles where roads once stood.

Creator: NoodleCoffee MC Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-11-26 Downloads: 21,538
(495 votes)
File Size: 381 MB

Alma Bay


A Realistic Modern City with a variety of different building styles from 1800s - 2020s styled buildings

Creator: Minenitrogue MC Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-10-30 Downloads: 9,751
(563 votes)
File Size: 1 GB



Pappleton is a small city/town map set in a lakeside location for most of it. Includes separate farm location. Fully furnished buildings, includes a variety of facilities. 

Creator: antopolo MC Version: 1.17.1 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-10-13 Downloads: 8,752
(257 votes)
File Size: 61.5 MB



Bayville is a realistic city map with working cars, trains and an economy system. The map includes over 40 detailed buildings, a custom landscape and an own resource pack. It's a perfect map for roleplays.

Creator: Dani4355 MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-08-09 Downloads: 36,845
(1369 votes)
File Size: 17.7 MB

Chiang Tung City


Chiang Tung City is a city in Northern Thailand theme.

Creator: Chiang Tung City MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-07-05 Downloads: 29,344
(871 votes)
File Size: 34 MB

Minechester City


Minecraft City by MinerBuilder with skyline, residential areas, ocean, mountains, and everything a city needs. Every building has interior. The city is packed with easter eggs and secrets.

Creator: MinerBuilder MC Version: 1.16.5 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-07-05 Downloads: 34,717
(750 votes)
File Size: 222 MB



Explore this detail-packed Scandinavian island-city and see everything it has to offer.

Creator: Anson MC Version: 1.16.3 (Java)
Date Added: 2021-07-05 Downloads: 8,342
(244 votes)
File Size: 17.9 MB
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