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The Achievement Victory!

Created by Master_c

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Map Info:
The Achievement Victory speaks for itself because it represents a map about achievements that tests all your minecraft skills. From making a pickaxe to killing the Wither Boss there are quite a few steps so stay smart and you will succeed!!! I am sure that everyone could beat this map but you can be the first one!!!

Remember there are 36 achievements in the PC version and I tested every level and there is nothing that could possibly go wrong...

No special requirements for the map other than downloading :)

I have hidden throughout the map 6 secrets but beware of losing them! Rememer to store them in chests or other places.

There are the following:


Estimated play time: 10-30 minutes. Trying to find the secrets and I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice day!

==The author of the map==

Mr. M.R.

Made by master_c alias Razvan

Update v1.2:

  • Removed the infinite shears lag and the repetitive teleportations!!!
  • New secrets.
  • No outdoor sights.
  • Covered the end section so the player cannot escape.
  • A roof.
  • Removed the minecart run (when I teleported the minecart it would go on the rails and do the achievement for the player that cannot obtain the secret).
  • The oak planks aren't renamed to be stackable.
  • No more escaping from the puzzle!
  • Some decorative changes...

Update v1.1:
I finally removed all lag caused by some comparators that were working and some fireballs that never despawned. It should be very smooth even if you don't have Optifine.

Map Details

Creator: Master_c
(101 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 8.99 MB
Added: 2016-02-06
Downloads: 12,274
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 comicfan It takes "Hours" to take dropped items

2016-07-24 16:43

+1 Lori Quoting Zebek:
It doesnt work on 1.9.2, can you fix it??

It's made for 1.8.8
So play it in 1.8.8
Why would you play it in 1.9.2?!?1

2016-05-27 02:06

-1 Zebek It doesnt work on 1.9.2, can you fix it??

2016-04-20 18:13

+3 Mel Awesome map! There was one major problem that needs to be fixed, once you finish off the ghast you go to the portal to reach the next stage of the map. When you walk through the portal you end up in the middle of the world. Then you walk away from the portal and step on the pressure plate. The pressure plate does not work. I had to go into Creative, dig under the pressure plate to find the command block that should teleport me to the next stage. I put a lever on it and it worked and got me to the next stage but I did have to "cheat" to get to it. Bedsides that 10/10! Great map with lots of fun challenges and secrets to find! I recommend it to all players!

2016-03-18 22:19

-1 Starogix Played it and its pretty well done!

2016-03-12 06:23

0 confusedvictim I don't understand how to proceed from the start.... I opened my inventory and got the achievement, but then nothing happened...

2016-03-07 18:24

0 Marc O Halloran GET RID OF THE SHEARS THING!! It's not funny I had insane lag and when I log out I couldn't get back into the map!! Seriously fix it it's really stupid and shouldn't happen!!!

2016-02-18 14:11

0 Master_c Well seems that i repaired the lag and messed up a command block thanks for the feedback.I will upload soon .

2016-02-15 14:18

+3 Quite a long review! Game breaking bugs!
- GAME BREAKING BUG - Shears won't stop, inventory overloads, lag will be indefinite. Player has to go into creative, find the command block and delete both of them in order to continue playing.
- GAME BREAKING BUG - In the end you can step on the pressure plates to get ender pearls, then run back to the purple stained glass pathway, and throw a pearl over the wall outside into the end. You can then run around the end all you want and can jump off the end and kill yourself.
- GAME BREAKING BUG - In the nature area, you can jump on the ice, get on the mushroom, climb up on a spruce tree, jump to the other spruce tree, jump to the small jungle tree, hop up to the top, and jump over the wall. Then you've escaped the map, and can go anywhere in the world. You can skip the wither level, and go right to the ending by walking over the roofs of the levels.

More Explanations
- The shears part is impossible to complete without cheating. So many shears spam everywhere and your game will lag until you can't move or do anything, if you manage to type in /gamemode 1 you can get rid of the lag but then you have to search for the command blocks and delete them. No map should require the player to cheat, locate, and remove a command block, just to remove an immature, pointless, and lagging part of the map. Also, while looking through the command blocks to delete the spamming one, I accidentally gave myself the "We need to go deeper", the "Into fire", "The end?" and "Adventuring time" achievements somehow (I must've activated a command block that gives the player those) so I had to delete and reinstall the map and play through it all again to play it properly. The shear thing isn't funny or clever, it's annoying. Remove it. The other stuff I talk about in this comment is just suggestions to make the map better, but you need to remove this. This breaks the map, it's horrible. Get rid of it, seriously.

Suggestion List
- The planks in the enchanting and bookshelf level didn't need to be named. They don't stack, meaning you have to drag each plank into its spot in the crafting grid. Takes about 10+ seconds to place them one by one into their spots in the grid, and not a big deal. But doesn't need to be there, if they stacked it would be a simple 1 second drag to craft. I suggest making the six planks stackable.
- I suggest removing the fire behind the walls in the nether (I know it's there, I can hear it!) it's loud and no need for it to be there.
- You shouldn't ever be able to see outside the map into the world. It ruins the entire immersive experience when you can jump up over a block and see the flat world, or look through a hole and see command blocks. I suggest making it so you can't see out of the map. Certain areas look poorly done when they aren't enclosed.

Areas where you can see outside
- Beginning starting area by jumping on the heads
- In the enchanting area by looking through the holes
- The roof when you first enter the nether
- The blaze area, you can look over the walls and see command blocks by using f3
- The ghast area you can see the naturally generated nether, place walls around the ghast so it looks proper
- The area around the portal when leaving the nether (nether-side portal)
- The area around the portal when leaving the nether (overworld-side portal)
- When you can escape the map in the nature area

In conclusion, the only important thing that you need to fix is the shear thing. Everything else really isn't going to be a problem unless the player is trying to find bugs and "break the map" like I was doing. The map was kinda fun, wasn't very difficult though - everything was basically straightforward . Not much of a challenge... Good job though.

2016-02-15 06:13

+2 iPiggyGaming Hey, I just want to say what a great map! But.... when you give the "glass cutters", it wont stop. I got EPIC lag, and I had to delete the map... Plz fix. Thanks!

2016-02-15 03:44

+2 LK21 It Wont Qt Giving Me The Glass Cutters

2016-02-14 16:35

+2 Namlook Really good but at the enchantment level it didn't stop giving me shears and that made the game lag.

2016-02-14 12:20

+3 TheGameMasterYT The enchantment table gone crazy with the shears

2016-02-14 07:22

+3 lol i couldnt find all the wood only five

2016-02-12 20:29

0 Master_c Thanks to everybody because i found some of the problems of this map and soon i will repair them .

2016-02-11 12:41

+2 Boilingtub the map was ok but i found a glitch that were im suposed to do the leather and farming part it cept giving and and clearing mr.c someone

2016-02-10 16:23

+1 Master_c Quoting Myst Xtreme:
I did a Let's Play of this map! Wish I could've finished it, I enjoyed playing what I could, and if you do figure out a lag fix, I would love to play it again.

Well,I used a firecharge in the nether that was so powerfull that it destroyed everything and i needed to make it all over again.

2016-02-10 15:02

+1 Myst Xtreme I did a Let's Play of this map! Wish I could've finished it, I enjoyed playing what I could, and if you do figure out a lag fix, I would love to play it again.

2016-02-08 11:32

+2 DocWaffle What promised to be a pretty good map ruined by extensive lag.

2016-02-08 10:55

+1 RuneChemist Was really enjoying it, but once i got into the Nether it became unplayable. The lag wouldn't let me press buttons, remove stuff from item frames, etc. It was mainly server lag and no frame lag at all.

2016-02-07 20:21

0 JustinCuijpers I liked it but it had A LOT of bugs... suddenly It lagged REALLY bad, so i had to cheat...

2016-02-07 15:15

-1 YosMan123 By the time i got to the ghast it was so laggy, i had to wait 30 mins and the button still did nothing. (fps:68)

2016-02-06 19:46

0 NuketownTrollz Looks really interesting! I'm gonna record this map and we will see how it goes!

2016-02-06 19:22


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