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Minecraft Maps for 1.12

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.12 (Java Edition). This also includes 1.12.1 & 1.12.2.

Welcome to Chunk Loader, a Complete the Monument map in which the land you gather resources from is randomly selected for a list of possible chunks at the start of each new day.

Are you up for the challenge?

You thought you we're finally free from your dreams when you found that note, however this might have just gotten worse. Much worse.

Hole in the Floor (aka Fl_or) is not just like any other PvP map! In this map you can only die by falling through the hole in the middle of the map!

Walk in the darkness using only te sound (with the sound waves) to know where to walk. 10 EPIC levels.

Collect XP! Fly around! Use abilities, defeat your opponents and much more! Can you defeat your enemies?

Jetpack snipers in a 1.12 one in the chamber style map with a twist. This version has jetpacks and runs entirely off mc functions.

Survive the fall and finish the game!!! New best dropper!!! Download & Play :D

A very intense and near impossible dropper map...with lots of trolls XD

It is time to give the player full control over the timeline! Save, load and overwrite save files to solve 14 different puzzle levels!

An Elytra map with potion effects!

Welcome to the realm of Xherkal... Do you take the a chance of completing the Monument? [Mini CTM HARDCORE].

Place down "Rewinders" that teleport you back to their position after some time and solve 9 challenging puzzle levels with this new mechanic in this map "REWIND"

This map is the second part of CleverTroll. Your goal is avoiding being trolled.

Fall your way through 10 easy, brightly colored levels!

Lost in a sea of flames, can you survive long enough to complete the 8 objectives on the Victory Monument? Climb volcanoes, delve into mines, and explore spider infested caverns in this exciting adventure!

Glarthford is a whole new way to play an adventure map! Talk, Scam and Trade your way to achieve your goals.

Test your survival skills as you try to make progress on this volcanic island!

Dropper and parkour? These two are awesome!

Destroy the enemies entity & defeat them! Can you defeat your enemies?

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