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Latest Maps Added

The Building Game Redux v1.0.1 - 2022-11-23
Captive Minecraft 1.19 v1.0 - 2022-11-23
There and Back v1.0 - 2022-11-23
Darkness Among Us v1.0 - 2022-11-23
Unfair Dimension v1.0 - 2022-11-23

Popular Maps This Week

Minecraft Maps for 1.12.1

These maps were made for 1.12.1 (Java Edition).

Team up with an unorganized Map Maker on a journey to create an... interesting Minecraft Map!

Just a short and easy parkour map to play before Christmas ;-)

You've been having horrible dreams that are so real you can hardly distinguish them from reality so when you are presented with the opportunity to find out why you immediately take it.

Run as fast as you can, as Magma falls from above. Use powerups and traps to stop other players and reach the bottom first.  With 3 modes of difficulty and several maps, this game can keep you playing for hours.

Ninja Defense is a W.A.S.D. controlled game where you must defeat waves of villagers!

In this minigame, you will build a nation to produce natural goods such as Iron, Coal, and Copper. Coal will give your nation electricity, and Iron and Copper can be used to build more buildings.

Become a block and try not to get caught!

A Set, A Boat, Some Jungle, and A Petshop. You've had quite the journey... but now, will you discover what has truly happened, and what's planned for the future?

Adventure map with 4 gods. Steve, Alex, Herobrine, and Notch.

The Desert Citadel is a classic, open world CTM map. The wools are located on different islands, each piece has its own dungeon.

52Dungeons is a map where you race to get through 10 random levels in 520 seconds, there are 52 random levels in all!

You are creative, but if you are asked to beat your own creativity, can you handle it? Find out in this innovative parkourmap with 7 new game mechanics, custom music and a challenging endboss!

Love Parkour maps? Love CTM maps? You'll love this map! Complete all 16 levels of the themed parkour to complete the monument! Will you defeat the concrete? Or will you give up?

A exciting CTM map which involves heads instead of wool. This map has 16 unique and fun islands to explore!

Ever wanted to compete against your friends in a multiplayer find the button competition? No? Well now you can! or you can play by your self I guess...

In a high-end roulette casino, your task is to catch cheaters red handed! Who could cheat at roulette? Who will you catch in "The Casino Crisis"?

On a dark and stormy night, the lights to your room go out. Will you be able to brave the dark?

Do you want to Escape Prison? Well this time will be harder!

Bring back memories with the renewal of the Glitcher series in The Glitcher 4!

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