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Crainer's Escape: Nether

Created by Mirage Maps

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Map Info

In this map you fall into the nether and have to find a portal to escape, but is it really that easy?

This is one of Crainer's Escape maps!


This escape map features several cutscenes, to tell the story of how you got dragged into the Nether among other things.

Unique Puzzles
In this map, you need to solve a variety of nether themed puzzles to escape.
This includes controlling the lava flow, pushing magma blocks, setting things on fire, crafting and many more!

Custom Textures & Models
Like all other escape maps, the Nether Escape also heavily uses a resource pack for both custom textures and models. This time we even implemented kehaan!

Additional Info

You can find Crainer's video on the map here.

You can find a behind the scenes video here.


  • McTsts - Builds, Commands, Resources & Design
  • Kehaan - Creative Director
  • Mirage Maps - Resources

Map Details

Creator: Mirage Maps
(48 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 14 MB
Added: 2018-03-24
Downloads: 2,302
Category: Puzzle Maps

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0 . it'd be nice if you could say it's a find the button map instead of escaping rooms... I deleted it almost immediately

2018-04-30 19:48

+2 Jamie Yea, This is also just a find the button map, took 10 min to complete, not worth my time.

2018-04-15 00:31

+1 Hyperion_Dragon How do you get out of the mines???

2018-03-30 05:21

0 jollow250 This was such a good map but
I was just looking around and I fell out of the map, you know where the door is
well on the left of it there is a hole
I fell into the hole and the only way I could get back was by skipping the end of the keehan puzzle
and I just skip to the portal puzzle

I then had nothing to use as items and it was completely broken

2018-03-25 20:11

+2 Rawa TBH this is an easy map But I love IT. Crainer is cool btw but who cares, play it again again again till I got bored. 2 hours wasted on replaying the game but then getting fed up. 4/5 recommend.

2018-03-25 15:05

-1 . awesome map! liked it so much!

2018-03-24 21:05


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