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Gold Rush Maze

Created by Papern8or

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Map Info

A Parkour Maze Map with troll items, themes, easter eggs and other things to do... 7/10 difficulty.

Find all 9 gold ingots.

Use the checkpoints Switch between Nether and Gold themed using buttons connected to complex command blocks.

Have fun, get lost, and enjoy.

Made by Papern8or in 4 days! (I was bored, k...)


Map Details

Creator: Papern8or
(233 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2018-03-25
Downloads: 11,604
Category: Maze Maps


+1 Papern8or I've never heard of a maze gen mod in mc, so idk

2018-06-05 01:51

+1 Papern8or block by block, following a simple maze on google images. EASY! :D took a while though

2018-06-05 01:50

+4 Bibliofile How did you create the maze? I ask as I created a tool to generate mazes a while back and it's output looks very similar to this, just wondering if someone found it useful ;)

2018-05-03 23:20


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