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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps can be a little bit of everything in terms of mechanics. They usually contain a story for you to follow as well.



Features treasure hidden in a huge temple filled with dangerous traps. But simply getting there will involve ships, tanks, helicopters, an exciting story, and much, much more.

Creator: Pacificmaelstrom MC Version: 1.7.2
Date Added: 2013-09-22 Downloads: 113,055
(28 votes)
Comments: 75

Search for the Skyheart  

A journey set on the floating archipelago of Windhaven, through the strongholds of Captain Alysia's rogues. A mentally invigorating exercise with plenty of puzzles, skill challenges, and story.

Creator: Versepelles MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-09-13 Downloads: 113,758
(20 votes)
Comments: 76

The Prison Escape Challenge!  

Test your will power and abilities through this awesome challenge.

Creator: Raxs_Slayer MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2013-09-08 Downloads: 122,692
(51 votes)
Comments: 73

Minesia - Dark Rift  

You are set to witness the horrific acts of Baron Thomas Graves and his associates, to wander the forbidden Shadebark Valley and unravel the mysteries of magic.  

Creator: Cygnos MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2013-08-27 Downloads: 106,159
(16 votes)
Comments: 97

Jail Break Two: Life After Death  

The sequel to the popular Jail Break Adventure Map. In this game you travel through heaven and hell to find out where you soul is right to rest.

Creator: TheDiamondHoeOnline MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-08-27 Downloads: 58,182
(6 votes)
Comments: 18

The Lost Potato (Chapter II: 'Misjudged')  

Sequel to The Lost Potato - Chapter I.

Creator: ICrafting MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-08-17 Downloads: 69,075
(22 votes)
Comments: 51

Payday: The Minecraft Heist  

This adventure map is based on the game Payday: The Heist.

Creator: Xander369 MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-08-05 Downloads: 265,699
(150 votes)
Comments: 121

Not What You Expected  

Your task is to collect the Eternal Gem and make it out of the pyramid, alive. However this pyramid is riddled with traps. Nothing will go as expected.

Creator: Samster99 MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-28 Downloads: 119,626
(16 votes)
Comments: 126

Periculum 3: The Test of Time  

The prequel to the Periculum series.

Creator: McLolington MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-21 Downloads: 41,087
(12 votes)
Comments: 49


Wake up in an abandoned, mysterious workplace. You look around, seeing nothing.

Creator: crazy nicho MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-13 Downloads: 124,583
(49 votes)
Comments: 72

Periculum 2  

The long-awaited sequel to Periculum.

Creator: McLolington MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-10 Downloads: 35,980
(7 votes)
Comments: 46

The Lost Potato (Chapter I: 'Prison Break')  

You find yourself in a prison cell along with a completely innocent piglet that you must save from execution, so you can embark on an adventure after, to find the lost potato!

Creator: ICrafting MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-05 Downloads: 247,176
(92 votes)
Comments: 130


You awaken in a room foreign to your fading memory. Without guidance or a clear mind, you push a nearby button in your haste...

Creator: McLolington MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-05 Downloads: 69,651
(21 votes)
Comments: 63

Grimlock Hollow  

You have crashed on the shore of what you think is a small island. In the distance you can see fire or light from what you hope is people. What will you find in this place?

Creator: 1Salai MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-06-29 Downloads: 119,853
(20 votes)
Comments: 37


A nether-themed adventure map, where you must escape your prison or die.

Creator: Sean081799 MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-06-29 Downloads: 33,870
(3 votes)
Comments: 17
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