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Sad Panda Adventures 2

Created by Mithey external

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Map Info

Sad Panda Adventures 2 is a new cute rail shooter map which involves riding different types of pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests to obtain awesome loot! Get your bow ready for this one!


  • Length: 45+ minutes
  • Players: 1-4 supported
  • Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

First map: Sad Panda Adventures


  • Rail shooter style map
  • 6 different levels to beat
  • Inspired by Pokemon Snap
  • You get to ride different types of pandas
  • 5 different panda classes in total, 4 of which need to be unlocked
  • Some story elements
  • Tons of loot to shoot for in each level, including custom model weapons, hats, and pandas!
  • Each level ends telling you how much loot in total you've found
  • Has custom music and custom models with the resource pack
  • Multiple difficulties
  • Around 200 hours in development


Map Details

Creator: Mithey external
(284 votes)
Version: 1.6
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 66 MB
Added: 2016-11-01
Downloads: 14,530
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 Honey_Pie Cool Sad Panda2 Map Mithey!

2021-10-08 02:14

0 Herobrinetin I LOVED sad panda 1, and this one is really cool too! I just feel like it got too hard too fast. Other than that, PERFECT MAP!!

2017-08-16 02:27

0 Shahzaib Quoting PandaGamer:
Hey Mithey, the pandas in my game keep attacking me and dealing a little bit of damage and wont leave me alone and keep pushing me onto teleporters to the missions. What am I supposed to do?

Lol, XD, your own Pandas are attackin you

2017-07-20 11:54

+1 I love minecraft This map is Amazing!!!

2017-07-07 10:18

+2 PandaGamer If anyone needs the Archeologist panda, here's how to get it:

Hit all the red clay X's.
#1 After the 1st lava hall to your right just before you enter the next hall
#2 As soon as you exit the 2nd lava hall and into the first gate room look up to your left
#3 In the giant lock room opposite the cage

You're welcome everyone!!!!!

2017-06-28 22:59

+1 PandaGamer Quoting funny panda:
where is onigiri

You get Onigiri by completing the bonus objectives.

P.S. Just a suggestion to everyone, if u get the speed up and down power it's really good for getting the bonus objectives. Use the slow down arrow to slow down so u can shoot arrows at guardians, spiders, villagers, locks, chests, etc..

2017-06-27 01:05

-1 PandaGamer Hey Mithey, the pandas in my game keep attacking me and dealing a little bit of damage and wont leave me alone and keep pushing me onto teleporters to the missions. What am I supposed to do?

2017-06-26 23:56

0 Dyerp Incredible fun. I can't find the 4th panda to unlock the Patda though. :( This makes me sad.

2016-12-17 06:47

0 Corinne~! Hey! I have a suggestion! Make a console command that allows you to spawn the pandas in your minecraft world!!!!
I would absolutely love that!!! OH... You can feed it and dress it up... Oh! and a Idea for sad panda 3.... In a point in the game, you, yourself turn into a panda!!! (to unlock the hero panda you need to find all of the nomal pandas in the nether)

2016-12-17 03:26

+2 Lex this game is amazing but sometimes it glitch and i crash pls fix it

2016-12-12 00:08

0 Silverbeak I just finished the bonus level and got to the part where the Dragon wither skeletons come in, if anybody knows what i am talking about.

2016-12-10 18:56

0 sadie Quoting billy:
the chef panda doesn't appear foe me

u have to shoot 3 cabins before he appears once u do that shoot the panda

if u shoot the 1st cabin the panda will say something if u shoot the 2nd one the panda will say something and the last one the panda will appear GL

2016-11-28 00:38

-1 hickorycrafter Quoting Skydified:

Ehm, Terra Restore 2 is already downloadable: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/adventure-maps/terra-restore-2

i mean the next part. i played all the way through and it said that the next part was still being worked on

2016-11-15 18:29

0 sky the panda rides don't paper for me but i have remorse pack

2016-11-14 22:48

-1 Skydified Quoting hickorycrafter:
this map is soooooooooo cool!!!!!! i love it! btw when will the next part of terra restore 2 come out?

Ehm, Terra Restore 2 is already downloadable: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/adventure-maps/terra-restore-2

2016-11-13 15:45

0 NerdGodNotTrue Quoting billy:
the chef panda doesn't appear foe me

Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9fPseoUpJA&t=1131s
or just a Hint cause I watched it
Pssssss.... and Boom

2016-11-12 13:38

+1 Zil33 I think I found a bug...? Sometimes the screen goes black and I can't see anything and then the black screen vanishes and appears again, over and over.

2016-11-11 07:31

0 Donovan_D Minecraft hey mithey, i think i found a bug, aon the spawn point [the lapis 10X10 area] theres no string connecting the tripwires os it doesnt teleport you...

BTW you can do the gamerule /gamerule spawnRadius 0
and players will ONLY spawn on the block where the world spawn
so then you can put a pressure plate

2016-11-10 12:40

0 billy the chef panda doesn't appear foe me

2016-11-09 15:56

0 Donovan_D Minecraft Hey Mithy I Was Wondering if i could use some of the textures in this for another texture pack [i will credit you for them]
the ones i would like to ask for are:
Inventory Background
Arrow & Bow
Flame Bow
Giants Bow
Infinity Bow
Pebble Launcher Bow
Punch Bow
Swamp Beast Bow
Dragonslayer Axe
[and json files for each item listed]

If there is copyright of somthing, i understand
thanks for taking the time to read this anyway, Donovan

2016-11-09 06:28

0 funny panda where is onigiri

2016-11-06 19:46

I recorded it on my channel Check it out its amazing!
ONLY PROBLEM, is on how to get the chef panda and archaeologist, i cannot find it no matter what i try. Me and my friend spent like an hour on each one but it was impossible to find it, so i kinda had to cheat into the red stone XD

2016-11-06 17:58

0 hickorycrafter this map is soooooooooo cool!!!!!! i love it! btw when will the next part of terra restore 2 come out?

2016-11-05 15:10

+3 BossMello4K Map was rich full of content and time! Loved it and gave full ratings. The story was stong and I made a roleplay with it. Hope you like :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNFLHuJm_aE

2016-11-03 22:00

+2 Mithey Uploaded version 1.5 of the map, which should fix both issues caused by using 8 render distance which made it so pandas would die mid level if you attempted the level more than once, and also pandas randomly starting to attack you in the lobby.

Basically what was happening was on 8 render distance a repeater in a chunk just so happened to be still powered when the chunk got unloaded. This repeater is facing into command blocks into another chunk, those command blocks are tasked with resetting the level. Because of this those command blocks activated twice - once during level reset like they were suppose to, but also during the middle of the level when that chunk loaded in again.

The pandas in the lobby becoming hostile is a Minecraft bug where entities can lose their scoreboard values/teams on chunk unloading/reloa ding. Basically for some reason the pandas lost their scoreboard team on a render distance of 8 and started attacking the player. Each time you enter the lobby now it should make sure the pandas are on the same team as the player and they also no longer do damage.

2016-11-03 14:28

+1 Mithey Uploaded V1.5 of the map which should fix both pandas randomly dying mid level when you play a level more than once on a render distance of 8, and also pandas becoming hostile in the lobby on a render distance of 8.

I'll have to run some more tests here to make sure everything is working now. Basically what was happening was a repeater just so happened to be still powered when on a render distance of 8 when the chunk unloaded. This repeater was facing into command blocks in another chunk which are intended to reset the level. Because the repeater and command block were in two different chunks and because the repeater was still powered it caused the command blocks to activate twice. Once during the level reset like it was suppose to, but also during the middle of the level.

The pandas attacking you is a Minecraft bug where entities can randomly lose their /scoreboard values/teams. I made it so the pandas can't physically damage you and each time you join the lobby they should re-join the player's team if they lost it due to the bug.

2016-11-03 14:03

+1 Mithey I'm starting to look into a bug that some people have been running into as I've finally been able to re-produce it. If you're playing on a render distance of around 8 two strange things can happen including your panda suddenly dying mid way through some levels when you try the level more than once, and pandas in the lobby suddenly attacking you.

If pandas start to randomly die on you then do this to fix it: Set your render distance to 16, (other high render distances "might" work too if that's too high) enter a level that is causing you problems, /kill yourself when it starts to force the level to reset, and then you should be good.

If pandas start attacking you then you can run this to fix it: /scoreboard teams join Friendly @e[tag=LobbyPanda]

For now be sure to play on a higher render distance until I fix this. I did a very quick test and a render distance of 10 seems to be working fine.

2016-11-03 12:59

+3 Riccardo It's a beautiful map!
The story and the environment are very good.

2016-11-02 19:30

+2 Mithey Uploaded version 1.4 of the map, making multiplayer monster spawners not scale as much. Basically before if there were 2 players 2 monsters would spawn, 3 players 3 monsters, 4 players 4 monsters. Now just 1 extra monster will spawn if there are 3 or more players. There is an extra monster option already anyway. :P

2016-11-02 12:28

+4 Bucketos Well done! An excellent map, with beautiful commands. Nice job!

2016-11-01 23:30


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