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Gahlifrex's Void

Created by Gahlifrex

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Map Info

Enter the void and meet the Farlaender.

You will gain magical powers and use them to pass the tests.

For one player only.

This is a very short map, but it has a bunch of cool features like the NoGravity Tag.


Map Details

Creator: Gahlifrex
(363 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 566 KB
Added: 2016-10-17
Downloads: 9,823
Category: Adventure Maps


Codeman480 here's my little play though of this cute, and cool little map!

2016-12-05 15:47

gaby Nice map! Could you make it longer? I would like another one!

2016-12-04 09:27

icatface I somehow feel that this was inspired by Dishonored's Outsider powers?
Even though its short its quite an interesting concept.
You should make an adventure map based on this. A player lives in a world where he got framed and got sent to the void to get his powers. Then he will avenge those who accused him. That would be great!

2016-11-13 12:33

ElectricHELPS120 PyscoGurl, you should try to re-download the map.

2016-11-05 14:10

OrcishTrader123 Make another one !!!! luved it!!!!

2016-10-29 15:51

KerbalFun123 I love it! It proves you have your way with commands and all, and recouce pack thats custom world, but can there be a second one where maybies farlandeer (is it wrong) gets captured, and you with your abiliteis has to save him? Possiibly?

2016-10-29 01:55

me Cold fire wont work

2016-10-27 11:03

PsychoGurl I re-downloaded the map and it worked perfectly but it was WAY too short! please make a new, longer one it legit took me three minutes to finish this! 4/5 map, point taken off for how short it was, but it was a great map!

2016-10-23 13:41

PsychoGurl I walked to the next island but nothing happened so i walked back and it blew up now i keep falling out of the world help!!

2016-10-23 13:31

KelsiThePyrofly I wish it was a tad longer, but you incorporated some very cool effects. I wish I could go in creative mode afterwards to look around though. Here is a video:

2016-10-22 03:34

Techpig57 at the beginning, I walked to the "next island" but nothing happened

2016-10-21 01:46

Foxes It was amazing it was soo cool but in the start everything was laggy for me but then i got it fixed and it was amazing please make another one it would be cool and if you can make it longer? I know it probably took you a long time but... if you can :D.
BTW i made a video about it check for it in my channel its it will be uploaded soon :D thanks for the awesome map :D



2016-10-20 20:00

RedPanic21 It was short but was fun!

2016-10-19 22:25

Jeb90 Great job!!! very short though but well done

2016-10-19 21:51

Liam Really cool map! I hope you make a longer map like this. ;)

2016-10-18 22:17

Gahlifrex Quoting saint:
You obviously know your way around a command block so you could definitely do something longer
good job tho

Thank you! This was more a test with a few command things, i am happy that you liked it. So in the future i may do a bigger map with this kind of stuff.

2016-10-18 13:29

saint bro,
You obviously know your way around a command block so you could definitely do something longer
good job tho

2016-10-17 21:01

CheeseburgerOnion Short but great map!! :)

2016-10-17 18:58

Sabo Too short but okay :D

2016-10-17 17:05


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