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Journey to the Christmas Tree

Created by bnfgh

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Map Info

The Christmas time is coming and so I made this nice and short parkour map, that may help you to get in the right Christmas mood (or maybe not, but it's fun anyway).

The map should take you no more than an hour to finish (unless you're really bad in parkouring) and contains also some nice rollercoasters and a super easy elytra stage.

There's really no more to say, enjoy the map and have a Merry Christmas ;-)


Map Details

Creator: bnfgh
(216 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.1
Size: 5.6 MB
Added: 2017-12-16
Downloads: 4,057
Category: Parkour Maps


+9 yfgyh,.o you cant get out of the purpil presint if you fail

2017-12-16 15:35

+12 Unicornn This was the best parkour map i've ever finished and played ;) Very easy indeed but also very fun :D I suggest everyone to try it ;)

2017-12-16 15:17

+9 lolapolabear i don't really like parkour map's but this was awsome!!!

2017-12-16 13:33


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