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Tranquil Fields

Created by Henzoid external

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This map was made for Snapshot 19w38b (Minecraft 1.15).

Map Info

Guess who's baaaaaaaaaack?

It's me. I'm back. And I made a puzzle map!

This is a fairly easy puzzle map that I made with the use of Sethbling's Moving Blocks datapack, which is public and can be found here: Sethbling Pushable Blocks

The Resource Pack must be installed separately, this can be done by dragging "Tranquil Fields Resources v1.3.zip" into your minecraft resourcepacks folder and enabling it in-game.


  • Singleplayer
  • Minecraft 1.15 snapshots
  • Uses a custom resourcepack¬†
  • Blocks can be pushed AND pulled (sneak to pull)


Map Details

Creator: Henzoid external
(22 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.15
Size: 14.3 MB
Added: 2019-09-24
Downloads: 904
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+1 NeoPhoenix cool map, i think it is really inovative and i really like it, but i think there is a bit of a potential soft lock in the room where you need to stack the boxes 3 high. i missed stacking two of them and tried to fix it. ended up stuck in the low area between two blocks, had to turn on spectator mode to get out and even then couldn't figure out a way to get any of the blocks out of the ditch. that room might be able to use a reset switch or something.

2019-10-05 09:06

0 COOL! Cool! Map I'm Waiting For Another Map!

2019-10-04 05:03

0 CLrnsX Great map! But really short :(

2019-10-02 08:52

0 TheShunter The stair room should have a reset button. If two of the blocks are dropped side by side the room is impossible to finish.

2019-10-01 05:31

0 bilflo6 it says the resource pack is made for an older version of minecraft, should I try older snapshots or versions of minecraft?

2019-09-30 21:09

0 SeriousCraft Good map but why snapshot?

2019-09-26 10:29

0 Izzytrekker Great Map. But it has bugs. The blocks would keep getting stuck on the walls or corners and i couldn't get them out. Or the shulkers would Die and the level would be impossible. I had to go into creative mode to get the moving blocks unstuck.

I recorded it.
After i finished, i realized i did not have the recourse pack installed. When i put it in after, it says it was made for a earlier version of MC.
Great Map though. :)

2019-09-25 17:46

0 Pesty Menace This map was sick nasty my dude, I look forward to what kind of maps will be made in the future with this mechanic. I made a video on your map too, scheduled to upload on the 25th at 10 AM EST, check it out if ya want!


2019-09-25 03:37

0 Henzoid Sorry to the 12 people who downloaded this before V1.1 fixed the bug at the end.

2019-09-24 23:45


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