Featured: Square One - A unique survival map with random items!

Minecraft Maps by Henzoid

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This is a puzzle map made for two players, where you build colored bridges inside a bee hive.

A 2-player puzzle map set in a beehive.

A shory map using Sethbling's moving blocks datapack for some simplistic style puzzles.

Welcome to Sparkling Helium: The Third Harnessing Helium Map! In this third installment, You can play with a friend! New Mechanics: Just kidding, there are less mechanics!

Welcome to Harnessing Helium 2: The Parkour Map... with floaty stuff!!! In this sequel new map, you have a balloon... and an umbrella! New Mechanics, Less Obnoxious Easter Eggs, and... more rage? Yeah, more rage. Sorry.

Welcome to Harnessing Helium: The Parkour Map... with balloons! In this brand new, singleplayer 1.13.2 map, you have a balloon... and you fly with it! New Mechanics, Funny Easter Eggs, and a medium amount of rage!

A 5 section puzzle map following the style of Trevor's popular map "Which Doesn't Belong", with its own twist.

Welcome to "Let's Make Some Stuff"!!! In this map... You make some stuff!

Are you better than your partner at finding buttons? This 1v1 FTB race will put that to the test!

A short adventure where you must collect materials to create a dangerous rip in spacetime.

After many long months of work, To The Moon's sequel is finally here! So get ready to parkour across planets old and new in To The Moon: Among The Stars! 

A rainbow tunnel full of difficult parkour.

A two player competition where the goal is to survive the destruction of the colors.

Welcome to Negative Space. In this map, you must use the blocks around you to see what isn't there, and find the exit. Perspective and spacial reasoning will aid you as you come to understand your near invisible surroundings.

This map is Soooooo Easy! Too Easy! It's got 4 sections, and they're all easy!

If you love the thrill of Death Run but don’t want to have to deal with the laborious task of pressing singular buttons, now you can do just that. Introducing: Death Runners!

Welcome to the tunnel of love! If you can make it through this somewhat challenging passage of compassion, you'll be able to envelope the true essence of love! Play with just yourself, or maybe your "someone special".

Put on your space suit and hop in your trusty rocket, cause it's time to go to the moon! Parkour across 4 levels that take place on the surface of the moon, with proper moon physics and some sneaky surprises!

An Undertale-Themed Puzzle Map, recreating and reworking the Colored Tile Puzzle (No Spoilers or Previous Knowledge required) with a custom level builder.

Leg Day is a parkour oriented adventure map where you follow a humorous, self aware narrator along a series of training courses in order to get your legs in top shape.