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Roomscape 5: End

Created by Karott2000

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Map Info

This map was made for minecraft version 1.8!

Map Trailer

Escaping the rooms has never been so hard... These rooms will challenge you to the point that the answers may not even be in the rooms... Escape the rooms for the fifth time.

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The Roomscape Series

Map Details

Creator: Karott2000
(16 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 434 KB
Added: 2014-07-02
Downloads: 62,213
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Rui Wow a lot of bugs:
- When I broke the redstone block, no one fell to my inventory.
-Same with the quartz block.
-The stupid tree doesn't grow!!! I used the full stack of bone meal...
Other than that, it would be a nice map... But with all this bugs was just frustating.

2016-11-30 01:29

+5 vikidor2778 Hey,i cant Mine the redstone block in the 3rd room...The pickaxe just breaks it...Carrot pleeease.. When you have Maps full of bugs like this...then make it possible to change to creative mode so that you can play the map to the finish when u stuck...

2015-07-22 18:49

0 act123454 I dont get the quartz block which means i cant continue can you please fix this problem because I really enjoy your playing maps

2015-06-18 18:37

0 bikerchic44 how do I get the paper past the water streams?
Do I need to use the bar of gold or is that for a later room?

2015-05-11 16:21

0 Jonathanrune Quoting Alexjacat:
so I place the fire charge in the portal and when I go in the portal I'm blocked by barriers and no way to get back? Help?
You can get out in the left side just jump

2015-04-23 12:21

+3 mattdm04 I can't place the redstone block in room 3. Please Help!

2015-04-13 00:21

+14 ByPolio I'm having trouble on the 3rd room. When I break the redstone block it doesn't give me anything! Please help!!

2015-03-29 16:59

0 JOnago Great map, but I think the last room is glitched. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!

2015-02-11 18:37

-1 pancakeman77 Bug: I almost died on the slime block fall. I landed on the edge and for some reason, it almost killed me.

2015-02-08 20:10

-1 pancakeman77 Bug: You can chop down the tree for multiple wood instead of breaking the sandstone/brick s.

2015-02-08 20:08

0 Shizuru the map is glitching for me i keep getting 2 redstone block at once and i dont get the quartz block
somtimes i dont get the redstone block to
its so annoying

2015-02-06 15:25

0 gavonator Quoting Alexjacat:
so I place the fire charge in the portal and when I go in the portal I'm blocked by barriers and no way to get back? Help?

If you jump, you can get over them and to the next room

2014-12-31 07:30

-3 Alexjacat well done! great map!

2014-12-28 17:42

+3 Alexjacat Quoting fenderboy1234:
How do you get past the first room?
I mean really! How?

Click the buttons until the signs are in this order: 3 2 5

2014-12-28 16:35

0 Alexjacat so I place the fire charge in the portal and when I go in the portal I'm blocked by barriers and no way to get back? Help?

2014-12-27 22:54

+1 vMonkeey_ all the other maps were brilliant but this one only has one problem which is it won't let me pick up quartz blocks when I destroy them

2014-12-22 22:15

-4 phil quartz block in the 3rd room doesn't drop in 1.8. please fix

2014-12-22 03:36

-3 MCPenguin My bone meal ran out in the part where you grow a tree

2014-12-20 03:22

-1 MRMinecraft I'm stuck in the part that we cut tree i cut the tree and it didnt give me anything

2014-12-20 00:15

+1 Richie Love Roomscape! So Simple So Fun :D

2014-12-19 18:21

+1 PocketMaker yes! thx man I love your maps I love playing them to keep making maps plz!

2014-12-16 08:58

-2 labpilot2002 I cant find the quartz on room 3 plz help!!!

2014-11-30 03:25

+14 Jorvalt For some reason before the pickaxe for breaking quartz blocks worked, but now it doesn't work. It breaks the block but it doesn't drop.

2014-10-27 23:36

-1 Jorvalt Well, this map is impossible to complete. I got to the part where I got 64 bonemeal and a sapling. Obviously I'm supposed to plant the sapling on the grass block and then grow it with the bonemeal using the dispenser. However, no matter how many times I spammed it, the tree would not grow. I used up all 64 bonemeal and now I can't complete the map because cheats are disabled.

2014-10-27 20:04

+2 _Carrot_Top_ Have just downloaded all 5 of your maps to showcase on my channel.
When I saw your name, I couldn't resist, me being a Carrot myself, so thank you Karott2000 and I will post a link here when I have completed some videos.

2014-10-08 02:21

+1 Dewd At: Find the golden pressure plate, there is nothing but a room which got exploded or something. Has someone griefed you? I can't past that thing. At the door, there is some slime blocks. Please help

2014-09-28 16:10

+8 Equinox78 When I broke the quartz block (with the right pickaxe) it idn't give me the drop. I was playing with the right resource pack and on 1.8 so can someone help me please!?

2014-09-22 10:23

+5 Klgp24 planted the sapling, got it to grow, cut it down with the ax.. but no wood dropped... what do i do?

2014-09-20 23:35

+5 OliviaTheDino How do you get past the first room? I haven't played the first map, and don't plan on playing it just so I can play this one.

2014-09-07 18:50

+3 Bohunter Towards the beginning of the map, you can break the redstone block into regular redstone. This kind of breaks the map, so maybe add a sign to indicate that you shouldn't break it.

2014-09-07 01:43


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