News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Parkour Maps for 1.13

These parkour maps were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition). 1.13.1 & 1.13.2 maps are also included.

Parkour map but you can't Sneak. If you sneak you will back to last spawnpoint it's very easy map... maybe ;) Can you complete it or will you fail? Find out!

In this challenge map, you go through a series of parkour courses, but there aren't ANY checkpoints. Race to the top of the tower in as little time as possible, without losing your mind!

This is a hard parkour map. Its getting harder by progressing into the levels. Its going kinda in some biomes.

WARNING This Map Requires Pro Parkour Players!

20x20 Cubes, hard puzzles, 10 captivating levels plus bonus mysteries. This map will drive you insane but it is totally worth the challenge!

WORLD'S HARDEST PARKOUR MAP!!! Yep! A parkour map so hard even PrestonPlayz can't beat it.

This map will not only test your parkour, but your patience, your skill, and your problem solving skills all at the same time. Travel through this crazy world of parkour that is full of custom blocks, insanely difficult jumps, and a live death counter made specifically to mock you. Have Fun!

10 Levels... 10 Mysteries...10x10 Cubes. This map will drive you crazy with difficult jumps and difficult challenges but the finale sure is worth it! Do you have what it takes?

Welcome to World of Jump. A basic Parkour map that picks upsome Minecraft jump with original ideas

This is a parkour map for kids. I'm just 7 and this is my first map effort. I'm sure your kids will love it.  It's very long, but not too difficult. Great for kids of all ages, or anyone who loves Minecraft. No tears, just fun!

This is a sequel to the first map. It isn't as long, but has more difficult jumps spread throughout it, as well as some more features.

Bring your parkour skills to the test with all 16 colors of parkour!!

This is the easiest speed run map in the world! Even you can beat it!

You wake up in sterile facility. You have no idea who you are and how you got there, but this facility is full of Parkour challenges involving color-coded cubes. Can you escape this facility?

This is our first map and is a medium difficulty parkour.

In this map you will change the worlds with the exciting parkour. It is difficult and impossible. Can you finish the map?

A Medium-Lengthened Minecraft Parkour Map to Play With Others or Yourself!

Super detailed parkour run map with a custom resource pack. Can you escape from the flood?

Escape from a giant phantom while doing parkour. Map contains 6 different levels.

This parkour map gives you a tiny bit of practice, before throwing you into madness. It's only recommended for players who have good experience with parkour, seeing as it contains some of the hardest jumps in the game, with twists. Expect rage, fun, laughter, and more rage. Don't smash your computer screen!