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Simplistic Parkour 3

Created by TBNRMinecraftMan

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Hey guys! It's back! Did ya miss me?

For those of you that haven't played any part of this trilogy, (Simplistic Parkour, Simplistic Parkour 2, and this map), these maps are VERY difficult. If you are able to complete this without cheating, I will be amazed.

These maps are meant to bring back the parkour from before the days where commands took over everything. I will list every single command used in this map here:

  • various forms of /title
  • various forms of /tellraw
  • /tp
  • /effect

10 levels, 10 colors, 20 checkpoints, and a ton of very fun, (and very hard), parkour.

Thank you for all the support on the previous two maps, and I hope that you enjoy this one.

If you do decide to make a YouTube video on this map, please provide the map link in the description of the video.

Good luck!



Map Details

Creator: TBNRMinecraftMan
(204 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 2.7 MB
Added: 2019-04-02
Downloads: 11,040
Category: Parkour Maps


+4 m This is the hardest parkour map known to man

2019-04-22 02:17

+1 HyperVyper Hey, man. I wonder why it works in single player but not in my bukkit server? Do you know a way to make it work there? Good map by the way.

2019-04-18 02:01

-1 RusAlesia This map is so bad.

2019-04-05 17:44

0 Joester Slime block bounces are pretty unreliable...ma ybe needs some tweaking.

2019-04-04 08:45


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