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Adscensum Labs: Power Up

Created by slamjam30

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Map Info

You're a volunteer to test prototype machinery at Adscensum Labs, until one day the system goes offline and the Computer decides to make you a permanent test subject with experimental biological structure changes.

Meet new people and discover the sectors of Adscensum Labs in an attempt to find the owner and reset the system. In this prequel to Astral Adventure, you'll get to power up with player-specific roles and discover how where you are now connects to the events in the Astral Adventure map.

Included in this map are:

  • Special Powers
  • Parkours
  • Some Fighting (Don't worry, you eventually get a weapon this time.)
  • A couple droppers
  • 8 Chapters driven by a main story
  • A lot of fun
  • And probably a lot (and I mean a LOT of respawning)

NOTE: Don't be afraid to hop in creative and fly a little through a parkour if it's hard. All parkours are possible, but some can be... let's just say frustrating.

This map is for 2+ players. If everyone playing wants a power, then four people as a maximum is suggested, but you can have as many as you want. I hope you enjoy the map. For future trailer releases and info, you can subscribe and check out my youtube channel here. A link to the previous map can be found by clicking here.


Map Details

Creator: slamjam30
(49 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 61.2 MB
Added: 2019-09-11
Downloads: 2,726
Category: Adventure Maps


+17 Ez Beats There was a bug after the second or third testchamber I frogot wich but me and my friends were teleported outside the map and had to find a way back in.

2019-10-07 13:26


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