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Astral Adventure

Created by slamjam30

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The map should be compatible with two or more players, so if it's not please contact me!

Explore the cosmos while collecting magic capsules and figuring out what they do.

You'll have to fight off enemies, but you'll also meet helpful allies.

Whatever these magic capsules are, they've definitely given you some sort of power.

In this super-mario-galaxy-inspired map, you'll use the astral gateway to go around the cosmos and find magic capsules, which later help you and give you powers.

Along the way you'll save and meet a few friends and an intelligent animal.

This map is complete with a storyline and an secret animated cutscene at the end of the game if you get all 31 magic capsules.

NOTE: This map is quite old and probably contains some bugs. The best way to contact me is through planet minecraft or my Youtube channel. I plan to release a re-work sometime in the future. Please don't hold any issues with this map against my current skill-level.

Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy!


- Fixed a problem with 1.15.2 spectator mode in multiplayer.

- Fixed a problem due to 1.15 hostile mobs despawning.

- Fixed a few bugs.
- Updated version to 1.15.2.


Map Details

Creator: slamjam30
(247 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 41 MB
Added: 2019-06-02
Downloads: 47,990
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Tilo Had a lot of fun playing this with my girlfriend, thank you for the awesome map!

2021-10-11 19:28

0 Jefta Please put on the minecraftmaps.c om site already that it is multiplayer.................
I thought it was singleplayer too

2021-06-24 13:01

+5 Yozav The map was amazing! my friend and I had tons of fun playing! Even tho the map was broken in some areas I could just go into creative mode ti fix it. Very cool!

2021-05-07 15:44

+6 AAA we are 3 players .....can we play it

2021-04-21 07:57

+1 slamjam30 If this works (which it might not because for some reason I have problems with the minecraftmaps website, check my planetminecraft to ensure that this version is up to date. If it's not, you can download the map from planetminecraft , and it should (hopefully) work. I hope to reboot this and the other 2 maps eventually, increasing the quality, especially since this was my first map and is less developed. If you would like, you can always skip to the third map in the series, Astral Apex, which has a recap of the first two, and is less buggy and has better gameplay.

2021-04-06 21:30

-1 Elitehunter85 I can't get the command blocks to work

2021-03-15 22:37

+1 DerEinzigeEdu So I played with 2 friends and the map was very fun but we needed much time to proceed. It was a surprise that the map is so long.
We played 3 hours and we are just at the ice level. So we finished half of the map i think. Some cut scenes were bugged but that wasn't very bad. With some creative mod and tp commends and everything is all right or you can die and go to the next checkpoint, with them we had no problems. How ever, the map can make fun but some challanges are annoying. But I recommend this map. 7/10

2021-02-27 10:41

+1 semnosao I'm trying to play the map but the command blocks simply do not work I press the buttons on the starting hub and nothing plz help

2021-02-03 23:35

-1 Wedjat It begins very enjoyable, but it starts to be ABSOLUTELY repetitive! All you have to do is parkour over and over again! Got really boring...

2021-01-17 00:37

0 tiltedtuna I tried playing it with my friend, but the buttons at the spawn don't work :(

2020-07-23 07:04

-1 Namless21 I converted this world into a realm and the first world doesn't work, we beat each of the little missions and nothing happened

2020-07-15 03:06

0 slamjam30 NOTE: for some reason my map isn't being updated on this website, so please use the newer version on my planet minecraft page until this one is updated-- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

2020-06-06 21:51

0 slamjam30 If anyone is getting problems, you might try downloading from the planetminecraft site, because I'm not sure if this one has been updated.

2020-06-01 14:18

0 ullrmad13 Quoting sat107:
My friend and I were enjoying the map, but when we got to 21 capsules, and tried to proceed into the ice and fire boss level, the map just stopped working. The character said something about shooting and nothing happened.

The same thing happened to us. We are trying to mess around with the command blocks to get it to work in creative cause we aren't sure what else to do

2020-05-12 03:33

0 William Chao Thats a yikes, i honestly enjoyed this map but to be honest it didnt give me the vibe check 13 year old tick toks do. WEIRD champ

2020-04-26 09:13

0 TooTee I have tried playing this since it updated on 1.15. 2 and none of the buttons/ redstone works.

2020-04-22 01:55

0 Sleepii Hi, I've loaded this map up on my server for me and a friend to play but whenever we hit the starting block, it doesn't teleport us to the start of the game. Is there anyway for this to be fixed? Thanks in advanced

2020-04-12 03:01

0 IIJJ22GG Uh, I hit the start button, and the world deleted itself. I don't mean my game crashed or anything, but all the world chunks just disappeared. A further inspection into the world files revealed empty region files.

I shall describe my experience briefly:
I spawned in a tiny room and pressed the button to start. It sent me to a tutorial platform just outside that introduced me to the basics, and then I pressed the button with the sign that said: "Start Game", and everything just disappeared, my in-game hand falling below the camera. I was in a void, and according to the f3 menu I was close to the coordinates of the spawn room (I checked my coords there), but there was nothing in that direction. I wasn't falling, and my movement was incredulously slow (0.1 coordinate change per second). I opened the world to LAN, and had a friend join, but he was in the same predicament as me, and teleporting to him, I saw literally nothing. I think the issue might have occurred due to my render distance being set to 64 chunks (optifine), but I don't think that could have glitched the map to such a degree as that WITHOUT AN ERROR MESSAGE. Even the logs show literally nothing. I'm going to reinstall the map to see what happens.

2020-04-11 21:19

0 BayWatch We stuck with my friend at the first portal because it doesn't teleport us anywhere. There is just a text and thats all

2020-04-09 15:12

+11 sat107 My friend and I were enjoying the map, but when we got to 21 capsules, and tried to proceed into the ice and fire boss level, the map just stopped working. The character said something about shooting and nothing happened.

2020-04-07 10:25

+2 Xx_Blurryface-xX It's a great map, but when i reached the 3rd boss it breaks. Is there anyway of fixing it?

2020-04-06 02:27

+8 Two Friends Me and a friend just finished the map, and I feel like I want to leave a review so that both the map creator and other players can take part of the things we experienced.
First of all, the map felt like it was still in beta-testing state. There was a lot of holes in the walls here and there, probably made by the map maker for ease of access to all the command blocks.
Second, there were a lot of barriers block, of course, these were placed to stop the player from leaving the area, but ultimately they ended up being a nuissance and screwing up multiple parkour jumps.
Third, a lot of dialogue didn't work. I went into spectator mode and triggered these manually since the map didn't do this itself, which I believe has to do with the fact that the command blocks were set up in a hard-reset way where pistons removed the comparators so that it wouldn't trigger again. This, just like earlier is a common bug in maps that are tested but not reset before being published.
Fourth, on the first lava/fire-theme d world there's a trial where you have to outrun falling lava. This trial can only be completed once, which means that either me or my friend won't be able to 100% finish the map with all 31 capsules. The consequenses of this was that we couldn't see the secret ending - I had 30 magic capsules and he had 31, which meant that the execute command wouldn't trigger. (it checked for @a).
Fifth, The ice power is really vexatious. Since the map is requiored to be played by at least 2 people the outcome is always that one players sits around doing nothing while the other player is trying to finish the timed ice parkour while holding the ice powerup. A recomended solution I have to this is to replace the ice power with frost walker boots - and make the flowing water still water.
Although there were multiple troubles I gotta give some compliments towards the concept of the map. If only a bit more time was put into making the map the map could be really good.

2020-04-05 15:45

-3 Evilpanda158 it was so fun

2020-04-03 07:39

+2 Kristo Sadly the game breaks during cutscene/boss level after the Ice, Fire and Ice Box Worlds. Magma cube is weirdly located in the middle of redstone contraptions and some comparators are lying on the ground (not placed) and if we were flying down to the platform the text continues but it soon glitches after that again in the snowy place where a comparator is lying in the snow thingy where is the redstone contraption.

Hope it gets fixed, was pretty cool map up until that.

2020-04-01 21:42

-1 ArcaneAlpha Quoting Zak:
So can anyone share with me on how me and my friend can both play? We dont know how to connect to the same server.

Maybe try pressing esc key and opening to lan world with the same wifi?

2020-03-30 04:27

-3 Zak Quoting Zak:
So can anyone share with me on how me and my friend can both play? We dont know how to connect to the same server.

Make a server at aternos.me and look at their vids on how to upload the world to the server, or vids on youtube

2020-03-28 21:17

-1 Ari Quoting Zak:
So can anyone share with me on how me and my friend can both play? We dont know how to connect to the same server.

You have to make a server yourself. I'd recommend using something like Aternos. It's free, very simple to use, and easy to run. I used it to play with some of my friends.

2020-03-27 04:56

-2 Greego Quoting KittyPro2021:
Me and my brothers are having troubles finishing the cave world. We've finished everything but no portal is appearing or anything. It may be because no spiders appeared in the spider cave. I don't know how to fix it though

I had the same issue on the cave world, but there is a final stage on the cave world that you may be missing! This world you have to walk back out from the cave, and there's a little path that leads up, to the final stage. I also believe you must select a counter for one of the person, and this person should be the one that will complete more stages than the other, to count for the next worlds. Cheers!

2020-03-24 22:41

-2 Ognjen_016 Quoting Zak:
So can anyone share with me on how me and my friend can both play? We dont know how to connect to the same server.

Well, I don't know how you two can play, since I always play with my brother on a LAN Server so I can't help you. Sorry :(

2020-01-29 17:27

-1 James Lippiatt I loved this!!! this was so much fun and I collected all of the capsules. For the ending i was so upset because I wanted to play so much more. This was amazing and I hope i get to play the next part of this story. Including how I also really love super mario galaxy. Since this was similar I loved it even more!
When I got all the capsules i was so shocked on the scene that showed for me, I was curious if that was like a post credits to the second part, if so that was amazing to put in! Keep doing what you're doing and I wish you the best of luck on these amazing outstanding creations!

2020-01-04 05:59


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