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RSG Speedrun Practice

Created by DefaultBTW

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I made this map to practice speedrunning for 1.16 Random Seed Glitchless (RSG)

In this map, you can find 7 different things to practice:

  • 1. One Cycling Practice: Use beds to kill the ender dragon, the are lots of different settings and when you selected everything, you can hit start to kill the dragon.
  • 2. Blaze Fighting: Practice fighting blazes in both enclosed and exposed spawners, you also have gold pickaxes and beds to clear out some spawning space.
  • 3. Portal Building: Make nether portals in lava pools, magma ravines and fix 8 types of ruined portals.
  • 4. Crafting Practice: You can select 8 different sets of items you want to craft. For example, you get three logs, and while you're crafting you get some extra items to make a full set of stone tools.
  • 5. MLG Clutches: You get a ladder, a boat, a cobweb, a water bucket, a slime block, and a piece of wool to clutch on the gold blocks beneath you, you can fall from 10 blocks up to 50 blocks high.
  • 6. Movement: Practice moving around terrain by going through basalt deltas, a forest, going up and down a mountain, and some parkour at the end.
  • 7. Bridging: Practice bridging as fast as possible by choosing a short or long bridge distance and building between the islands


Map Details

Creator: DefaultBTW
(14 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 165.7 MB
Added: 2021-07-17
Downloads: 1,777
Category: Variety Maps


+1 steveco75 when I select bridge, no blocks.

2021-09-28 20:07


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