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Version Guesser

Created by SuntannedDuck2

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Map Info

The goal of the Map is to either work out the 'Odd One Out/What Doesn't Belong' type questions or just simply answer the Version something is related to that block/item.

The correct answer gives the stone pressure plate of course to move on to the next room.


  • 13 Major Rooms
  • 2 Observational Question Rooms (Typical in all my maps)
  • 15 Bonus Rooms (no hints and are straightforward questions)

Map Requirements

Play in survival as no stone pressure plates are tagged or things requiring Adventure Mode.

If you play in Adventure mode the map might be unplayable due to the tagging use being more suitable to Adventure Mode.

Openness to Feedback

If you want to see how accurate my answers to the Minecraft Gamepedia Wiki are, the map needs spelling changes/command tweaking or information on the map page is unclear or otherwise related let me know. I'm open to any feedback so I can make the maps better or pages better with my limited/beginner skills. :)

If there is questions you want to see in the maps (like when was the Dinnerbone/Grumm/Jeb name tagging added or 1.14 snapshot questions let me know as I have been considering that for a sequel to the map or just adding extra to this one in an update/Release Version 2 maybe?) Let me know what you think.

For any contacting of any sort let me know on the Curseforge map pages or my YouTube Channel 'Niche Duck' and reference the comment to any of the maps I'm made and I'll get to responding more so through those since I'm more active on them daily towards other things I do on my channel besides making maps in my spare time.


Map Details

Creator: SuntannedDuck2
(16 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 935 KB
Added: 2019-03-27
Downloads: 761
Category: Trivia Maps

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