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The Twisted Survival Islands

Created by N3ON_Assassin

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Map Info

You walk down an old road that leads to the legends of this world, 'The Steel Prestige' are those who are seen as heros to this world. You yourself have always loved to visit this place as a child. But you grew up far from here, leaving the sacred grounds that you're so familiar with. However, now your back, and you're ready to explore the placed that you used to.

Suddenly, on your way you feel a small quake, you think nothing of it until it starts to get worse and worse. The people around you start to fall under the Earth's shaking. Without warning, The ground starts to split apart. Each part of the Earth moves in different directions, some go up, others fall & some collide together.

A peaceful world, were all seems fine comes to an end. An unexpected quake caused the Earth to shatter into pieces. Leaving nothing but scattered remains behind. You were lucky enough to survive, but the place you loved so much has been destroyed beyond repair. You must find a way to repair the earth, even if no one knows that you saved them. It is for the greater good.

Additional Info

This map Requires a resource pack for the best experience. The Map comes with the resource pack. However if it somehow doesn't work, you can Download it here.

All resources that you have are limited, crafting a single wrong item will result in a game over. Be sure to think before you make any item. Ask yourself the following: 1- Is it worth it? & 2- Do I need it?

This map has some Lore books that can be found in barrels. Keep an eye out for all Six barrels.

There are hidden Enchanted Books in the map, find them, and make the best gear that you can.


Map Creator - N3ON_Assassin

Command Block Engineer - ItzJosh12345


Map Details

Creator: N3ON_Assassin
(61 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 14 MB
Added: 2019-07-22
Downloads: 4,557
Category: Survival Maps


0 N3ON_Assassin The resource pack only changes light blue stained glass + panes to look like the world border & it changes two of the corals into models of map creators.

2019-07-31 23:54

+1 Huscho What does the resource pack change?

2019-07-31 20:27

0 N3ON_Assassin Hey WesAllen1991, you have full permission to use mods on my map. I'll have to pass on playing with you on it, as I have plans to continue maps and stories for you all. However I have no release dates or estimates for when they will be ready.
As for you Hoang, you are unable to obtain a sapling in this map.

2019-07-26 22:30

+3 WesAllen1991 I'm planning to start a Minecraft youtube channel And I'm thinking about possibly using your map for a youtube survival series with a few skyblock Mods if that is okay? Of course, I would credit you in the videos. Please get back to me if you'd be interested in perhaps making it a duo and playing with me or even if you're just contacting me to say "I'd rather you didn't put my map on your youtube" Either way looking to at least playing this Solo in privet, it looks great and I want to say you've done an amazing job.

2019-07-25 23:43

0 hoang how can i get sapling?

2019-07-24 03:32


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