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Map Info:
SkyLarge is an enlarged version of the map "SkyBlock". The map is 16x bigger than the original. In this, you can gather more items, have a bigger starting platform, and other possibilities.

There are also new features in this map that weren't possible in SkyBlock, such as potion brewing, traveling to the end, and dungeon conquering.


  • In the chests where the top part is going up, there are dungeons and such in there.
  • To go to the end, you make an enderman and blaze farm to make ender eyes and get the end portal frames from the Nether Chest.
  • The Dungeon Armor is better than Protection 4 Diamond Armor.


  • In the Nether, don’t go through the natural nether world stuff.
  • Only use cheats and commands when you are stuck or extremely need to.


  • Map Maker: KVT

Map Inspiration:

  • Map: SkyBlock
  • Map Maker: Noobcrew

Update v1.1:

  • Fixed Bugs.
  • Added Witch Dungeon.
  • Added Blaze Dungeon.
  • Multi-Player friendly.

SkyLarge Challenges

  • Set your spawn point to the Enlarged Skyblock (with a bed).
  • Defeat the Starter Chest.
  • Defeat the Sand Island Chest.
  • Defeat the Nether Chest.
  • Create Farms from all of the chests.
  • Defeat the Enderman Dungeon.
  • Defeat the Zombie Dungeon.
  • Defeat the Silverfish Dungeon.
  • Defeat the Creeper Dungeon.
  • Defeat the Skeleton Dungeon.
  • Defeat the Spider Dungeon.
  • Have the full Dungeon Set.
  • Spawn in and Defeat a Wither.
  • Go to the End.
  • Defeat an Ender Dragon.
  • Defeat all 3 Ender Dragons.
  • Make a Witch Grinder.
  • Make a Zombie Grinder.
  • Make an Enderman Grinder.
  • Make a Blaze Grinder.
  • Make a Spider Grinder.
  • Make a Skeleton Grinder in the NETHER.
  • Brew potions.


2015-11-12 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: KVT
(210 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8
File Size: 5.1 MB
Date Added: 2015-11-12
Downloads: 39,220
Map Category: Survival Maps

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