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Sky Labs

Created by Galaxy_Reborn

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Getting bored of normal sky island maps? Want something new that allows you to go farther then in normal sky block maps? Well sky labs is right for you. Over 15 different challenges and a shop that allows you to get almost ever item in the game! There are also challenges that of fun for friends for you guys to play! I am definite you will have a blast playing this!

Unlike usual sky block where its just normal minecraft stuff in the sky, although is still is normal minecraft stuff but you do them and need them is a completely different way!

Map Details

Creator: Galaxy_Reborn
(168 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 161 KB
Added: 2018-09-14
Downloads: 8,964
Category: Survival Maps


+5 TheRealBoody Really good map! If you are still wondering why mobs aren't spawning, it is because the map creator made this map on the flat world "The Void" template. This template provides us with a biome called "The Void" or "minecraft:the_ void". In this biome, no mobs will ever spawn naturally (passive or hostile). Hopefully, the map creator sees this and solves this problem. Btw I have tried using external programs like MCEdit and World Painter but they aren't compatible with 1.13. So if you are playing on 1.12, I suggest using world painter and you can fix this problem.

2018-12-30 18:42

+1 ebqypolo Yo, Great map dude, I just want to ask a question. HOW do I put this map in to the Multiplayer place?

2018-12-02 00:51

+1 Lauraadax This is awesome map! I really like it!!
But I have a problem. My mob spawner doesn't work even tho I builded it how it should be builded so I cant get any loot. The monsters won't spawn. Could someone help me??

2018-11-10 12:58

0 BraveFox Hi! I am playing and it is incredible! Although... I am unable to get carrots or potatoes. I have melon, pumpkin, sugarcane, cactus, and wheat farm, but I am unable to get carrots or potatoes. Can you please tell me how I was supposed to get these items.

2018-10-20 00:00

0 Galaxy_Reborn I just realized mobs are not spawning naturally so I will make a better map and fix that glitch.

2018-10-12 22:56

0 Master Crafter Really could use some slimeballs...

2018-10-03 05:04


2018-09-25 03:37

+1 Dogg08 So I downloaded this map yesterday and since I've been playing, no mobs have spawned. I tried checking difficulty but it is on normal 0-0

Help- I am spooked

2018-09-23 17:46

0 Galaxy_Reborn Quoting Cookiedude8:
Crazy good map!!! Loving it so far, but one small suggestion, I would love to be able to buy extra lava buckets from Fredrick! But overall keep up the good work :)

You can get more lava in the nether. Bring a bucket or many and get lavaing... That was bad I Know.

2018-09-23 16:51

+1 THIS IS AWESOME I don't like the process where you have to mine cobblestone from the generator and then wait a million minutes for it to smelt just to get a bunch of iron... plus i keep having to use logs and turn it into charcoal. Maybe make a trade for coal? This map is very cool.

2018-09-23 16:07

+8 Galaxy_Reborn This is the actual Map creator. If you find any bugs or glitches or want me to add a way to get a few more blocks then please comment and I will gladly do that for you!

2018-09-19 13:05

+1 Cookiedude8 Crazy good map!!! Loving it so far, but one small suggestion, I would love to be able to buy extra lava buckets from Fredrick! But overall keep up the good work :)

2018-09-16 16:25


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