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Falling Falling

Created by MrBurdy

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Survival in minecraft is a field that has evolved a lot, between versions and players' creativity, survival is constantly changing, evolving, as with the famous Skyblock, Skygrid, World In a Jar or "CTM" maps. That's why we created Falling Falling.

But what's behind that name?
An empty map, without any resources, a World border preventing you from advancing outside this restricted area, you find no way to survive, when a miracle falls from the sky.

But over time, its blocks will start to hit you and although some blocks like grass will take away few life points, some like stone will risk reducing your life points and if at first you have time to regenerate with hunger it may be more and more complicated.

This is what Falling Falling consists of, blocks that will fall more or less regularly depending on their rarity, small dungeons that will fall after a certain time, making it more difficult for you to survive because of the monsters that will appear there and then help you with the contents of their chests. Passive creatures also appear at regular intervals, it is up to you to save them before the blocks bury them...

The Objectives

  • make a stone statue on the surface.
  • plant wheat, potatoes, carrots, beets, melons, pumpkins and Nether warts.
  • make a giant mushroom.
  • make a suspicious soup.
  • make a loom, barrel, smoker, blast furnace, cartography table, grindstone, smithing table and a stonecutter.
  • make a campfire and cook 4 meats.
  • make a nice banner.
  • make a bell and ring it sixteen times.
  • make a composter and with it produce 6 bone powders.
  • make an underground bunker.
  • make a trade with a villager.
  • make and have all available wool colors available.
  • make an aquarium with fish.
  • make an automatic chicken farm.
  • make an automatic melon farm.
  • make a crossbow and enchant him.
  • adopt all pets.
  • cure a zombie villager.
  • defeat a raid
  • defeat the Wither boss.
  • defeat the Ender Dragon.
  • make a map of the normal world, the Nether and the End.
  • find the Elytra.
  • make the Ender Dragon reappear.
  • make a beacon and make it work.


The smaller the map, the faster the blocks will cover your terrain and the more monsters will appear in a small area. I advise you to choose 50x50 blocks for the size of the map. It's neither too small nor too big in my opinion, the small sizes allow to quickly present the map however.

Like a vanilla map you have to find the stronghold, even if here it is limited to a portal but you will still have to find it. The "Eye of the Ender" will help you but be careful, they will be consumed in your hands so be quick.

There are 5 dungeons in the normal world, it's up to you to wait and find them before the monsters find you.

The chests of the Nether and End will regularly have eggs from passive creatures.


Map Details

Creator: MrBurdy
(1204 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2019-07-22
Downloads: 72,784
Category: Survival Maps

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+28 JHartwells will there be a 1.17 version coming out of this?

2021-07-28 17:23

+2 Zuluflor Quoting Pyramithius:
How Do I change the size of the map?

click with the right mouse-button on the gamerule sign then press T (open chat window)
now click with left mouse-button on the size you want.
a confirmation of the change should apear in chat.

2021-06-14 15:25

+4 Freezified Quoting Lord_Underpants:
Can we get the 100x100 version? it is the only reason i come to download the map, i was disappointed to see it wasn't the 100x100

Go into gamerules when you first enter the map.

2021-06-11 00:49

+156 Hackaholic5069 Quoting Max:
Can/How do I play multiplayer on the world with an aternos server, we have multiple people on but only I can break blocks.

go into server.properti es and set "spawn-protecti on" to 0

2019-10-27 23:17

+91 Owen Can you PLEASE make the blocks fall slower

2019-10-19 23:08

+149 Lord_Underpants Can we get the 100x100 version? it is the only reason i come to download the map, i was disappointed to see it wasn't the 100x100

2019-10-18 09:08

+75 TheHero Quoting Chris:
Once you spawn, how do you return to the main hub area thing?

/function falling_falling :spawn

2019-10-18 06:18

+67 Cyptor Quoting Wayne:
I can not start the map, I click on Start the game and nothing

press T to go in chat after you hit the sign then click on the start button in chat. hope this helps. :)

2019-10-16 11:34

+58 Recorpse Quoting JfK:
is there an Endcity? /locate doesnt work and i cant find it. or i am just very unlucky :). thanks for the map

Dig down when you start and look around there. Portal to the end is under the starting ground.

2019-10-16 04:09

+37 coolguy Quoting Oooook:
Hello, and great map! just a quick question: if i have a bad start, how do i quickly reset the world ?

just copy the clean world in your saves folder also not the world that you played. a New one from The download link ^^

2019-10-14 23:43

+40 daniel I can't figure out how to change the map size can someone help

2019-10-12 19:02

+38 buddi07 Quoting Nathanial:
Is it possible for this to be in 1.12.2? I want to play this map on a 1.12.2 modpack but obviously I can't

I'm not the maker, but because it uses a datapack to make the randomly falling blocks it cannot be used in versions before 1.13. It should be possible to re-create the effect with command blocks, a mod, or a server plugin.
Hope this helped :)

2019-10-12 06:25

+116 Pyramithius How Do I change the size of the map?

2019-10-12 03:37

+52 Chris Once you spawn, how do you return to the main hub area thing?

2019-10-11 07:43

+27 Oooook Hello, and great map! just a quick question: if i have a bad start, how do i quickly reset the world ?

2019-10-10 06:28

+27 Castafiel I am wondering I put the folder in the datapackfolder but my map doesnt drop blocks from the sky and I'm not sure how to make it do what it is supposed to. Can someone help?

2019-10-09 17:23

+34 billy how to you go back to spawn or reset the map

2019-10-09 08:57

+38 PauMS A Sky Block like version of Falling Falling could be amazing ... something like "Falling Block".
I think it sounds nice! U ?
more vanilla or modded ?

2019-10-07 12:32

+24 WritePaperLZ It good! but i want size 25x25 and 500x500

2019-10-05 08:26

+22 Excalibur Fun map! Definitely recommend. Now if only bamboo was far more rare D:

2019-10-04 23:01

+32 Prodee How do i make a 200x200 map?

2019-09-23 17:09

+21 Mellfang Quoting Scooter:
Is it possible to get slime?

Yes it is 100/100

2019-09-22 20:46

+22 adamskii040911 Quoting KS:

So....how do I change the map size? I would like to try it with a much bigger map.

To change the size of the map go to gamerule in the beginning then press your chat key and at the top it will say gamesize and then left click on the size you want

2019-09-22 10:11

+18 Max Can/How do I play multiplayer on the world with an aternos server, we have multiple people on but only I can break blocks.

2019-09-22 06:59

+20 usafphoenix note: it MUST be a non-forge, PURE vanilla version. it will not load correctly with forge installed. i made this mistake originally, as, by habit, i always install the most-recent forge version for any new minecraft instance, incase i want to add a QoL mod to it later on, such as journeymap, performance booster, etc.

2019-09-15 01:41

+10 jakub Map is so much fun but i realy want to do thinks outside the world how can i disable damage out of the map?

2019-09-14 20:43

+12 ParadiseofDarkness How do you get the 200 map and how do you save different save folders of this?

2019-09-14 20:01

+17 Clody so, is there any way to change how fast the blocks fall?? i want a bigger map and faster filling, also, any way to change the chance for a certain block?

2019-09-05 23:26

+11 Galthorn1 Quoting hec:
any one know a way to get slime?

I got plenty slimes on my lowest level ( layer 6 if I remember correct ) I just use dirth on the floor that become grass, and it is 4 blocks free to the ceiling, the slimes start to appear randomly, I also put 3x3 widowa al arround it ( I using te 50x50 map). Hope it also works for you

2019-09-05 00:22

+26 Desirety Hey, I know there is a way to turn of the poison effect when going off the side but how?

2019-08-31 06:45


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