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The Apocalypse

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The Season Finale of The Apocalypse - Season 1: "Cold Blood" has now been released! (2017-05-02)

This is an episodic survival map series with a story. There is currently 6 episodes.

All episodes are included in the download.

NOTE: You do NOT have to play the story in this map. This can also be played as a normal survival map. It's just recommended to follow the story.

Do not read the episode descriptions below if you want to avoid spoilers!

Episode 1: Attack and Defend

The zombie apocalypse broke out, and small communities of survivors has risen from the darkness. But now The Republic Nation must battle The Evolved Federation in order to restore society and rebuild civilization.

How far are you willing to go to save your loved ones?

Episode 2: Rise and Fall

The Republic Nation may have won the war against The Federation Army, but The Empire came to Alverton City by boat. You serve them, fight them, or die trying to fight them. How do you get out of this one?

Episode 3: Conquered

After fighting two of The Empire's outposts, they beat The Republic Nation. Now they must rebuild their community after the loss of the battle.

Episode 4: Iron Walls

The Republic Nation have rebuilt their community. Now they need to upgrade the place, and then they can move on to fight the Empire.

Episode 5: Chasing Shadows

The Empire Leader is arriving in Alverton City by boat soon, and you're gonna be the hero of your community if you assassinate him. You can only hope that it will stop The Empire, but will it?

Episode 6: Cold Blood

Assassinating the Empire's leader was not enough. Now The Republic Nation has to stop The Empire using force.



2017-05-02 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Bramblestar_
(1472 votes)
Map Version: v6.0
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 26 MB
Date Added: 2017-05-02
Downloads: 44,442
Map Category: Survival Maps

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