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Captive Minecraft 1.20

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Welcome to Captive Minecraft 1.20.1!

Captive Minecraft 1.20.1 is my latest and third expansion of the Captive Minecraft series, featuring exciting updates including the 'Room of Monuments,' brand-new advancements, doubled world height, and new crafting recipes.

Room of Monuments: To construct the monuments, you'll be using the new crafting recipes. Most of the required materials can be found underground in the Overworld, but be cautious! Some of these resources are extremely rare, so you should carefully consider before using them for other purposes. Another material for a monument awaits you in the dangerous Nether. Be sure to note that with the Terracotta Monuments, it's crucial to place all three blocks in the same direction; otherwise, the monument won't be recognized as complete. Only when 'Monument complete!' appears in the chat is the monument finished.

New Advancements: I've added a series of new advancements that revive the old achievements from Minecraft version 1.11. This means you can work towards a total of 122 advancements, a challenge for adventurers and collectors alike!

Proven Game Mechanics: You might already be familiar with some mechanics from my previous maps. Don't forget to fully expand the world border each time before reaching the next advancement. In the End, you can only defeat the Ender Dragon and Shulkers with a bow (and crossbow), as the End lies outside the world border. Also, note that some rewards you receive by completing the monuments may not be compatible with each other, such as Ocelots and Chickens.

Additional Notes for this Map: After successfully achieving all advancements, the world border will be precisely 200x200 blocks in size. Regular advancements expand the border by half a block, while challenge advancements expand it by a full block, and goals add a whopping 2 blocks.

If you happen to notice any errors, please report them to me immediately so that I can fix them as soon as possible. I have once again created this map on my own and cannot guarantee it is entirely error-free.

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2023-09-19 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Bastiii_502
(102 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.20.1
File Size: 85.2 MB
Date Added: 2023-09-19
Downloads: 13,888
Map Category: Survival Maps

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