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NOTE: This is my very first map ever made. If you like it, then thanks. If you didn't, at least I gave it a shot. Thanks~

STORY: You are stranded on a strange island. You don't know what to do.

You then loo- BLAH BLAH BLAH nah fam... NOT with the boring dramatic story plot which I HATE because it is an overdone thing, okay writer... I will handle this! *Ahem* So you are basically on an island with a stone platform at the bottom.

You look into a chest and see a log from... someone... I don't know who.

There is an iron block somewhere on the island's height level as well as a diamond block for the stone platform.

I think there is a gold block somewhere, but I don't know it's not in this realm anyway. So yeah blah blah blah more plot.

There are challenges for this map... or you could build a HUGE fricking base to cover the map head to toe. But whatever... you do you. I guess I can cover the rules as well...


  • NO CHEATING (Unless you want to create some utter chaos then that's just fine by me...)
  • Difficulty must be at least at Easy (Don't be a peaceful type of player... it's not fun... it's boring)
  • Nether portal must be on the bedrock on the stone platform (The logs will tell you hopefully) reason is that the "STORY" can be less confusing... if that makes sense.


(This is my favorite part)

  • 1) Collect 64 cobblestones, stones, and oak planks
  • 2) Make 64 torches
  • 3) Build a 60 by 60 platform to place the iron block (Decorate it if you want)
  • 4) Build a bridge to that platform
  • 5) Make a Mob Farm
  • 6) Collect 64 Bones
  • 7) Collect 64 Gun Powder
  • 8) Collect 64 String
  • 9) Make a bed
  • 10) Fill a house with beds (Because yes)
  • 11) Build a house of cobblestone
  • 12) Build a house of Stone
  • 13) Build a house of Oak Wood
  • 14) Build a house of Wool (Also because yes)
  • 15) Build a house of Coal Blocks
  • 16) Build down to the stone platform
  • 17) Build a house on the stone platform
  • 18) Build a house made of bone blocks
  • 19) Build a 120 by 120 platform to place the diamond block (Why so many blocks dude?)
  • 20) Collect 5 golden swords from Zombie Pigmen
  • 21) Build a house in the nether
  • 22) Sleep in 10 beds in the nether (OH BOY!!!!)
  • 23) Locate a nether fortress and collect 10 Whither Skeleton Skulls
  • 24) Build a house made of netherrack in the Nether
  • 25) Kill 70 Blazes (Jeez dude calm down...)
  • 26) Build a 240 by 240 platform of netherrack to place the block of gold in the overworld
  • 27) Build a house that goes as high as the height limit of the map
  • 28) Build a house of Nether Bricks 
  • 30) Build a 480 by 480 platform to place a chest holding the 3 Nether Stars

Okay yeah not a lot of challenges, but hopefully they occupy some time!


2019-03-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: ViaxNova
(184 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.13.2
File Size: 8.1 MB
Date Added: 2019-03-28
Downloads: 12,476
Map Category: Survival Maps

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