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Coarse Sands

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Map Info

I don't like sand. Do you? It's rough and coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere. Your plane, under unknown circumstances, has crashed in the middle of a barren desert and everyone on board has perished. Everyone except for you (and your friends if you play multiplayer).

To stay alive, keep an eye on basic necessities like water, food, shelter, and sleep. You (and your friends) decide to live and find rescue. Start with the plane and see if you can find a radio. Good luck!

[This is my first map I've done with a couple of friends. Thanks for your support!]

Rules & Guidelines

  • Go to sleep only when the sun is below the horizon!
  • Do not kill yourself to reset the water or food meter on purpose.
  • Open iron doors with levers found in the map (do not break down iron doors)
  • Do not climb over the larger sand dunes that act as the border to the map.
  • Play in survival mode and try not to spawn things in.
  • Changing game rules to fit playstyle is fine (keepInventory, mobGriefing, etc…)
  • Play on at least easy difficulty.
  • Play on Minecraft Version 1.10
  • Watch your thirst meter as not drinking water will lead to debuffs.
  • Neglecting sleep with having a negative side effect.
  • If you want a challenge set the gamerule keepInventory to false. [Default=on]
  • Death penalty: Dying 5 times gives you bad luck and dying 10 times give you bad luck and constant hunger. To reset your death counter, eat a golden apple.

Important Settings

  • Set Render Distance to 13 for players (and the server if on multiplayer)
  • Enable command blocks in
  • Map was made to play with the John Smith Legacy Texture Pack


  • Find some snacks and water bottles.
  • Find the radio.
  • Craft some tools.
  • Find a palm tree.
  • Start a farm with whatever seeds are available.
  • Find a way to boost the signal of the radio.
  • Find a generator and collect nine coal.
  • Find rescue.


  • Tame a horse. [or Donkey]
  • Explore the desert to look for materials to complete the following challenges.
  • Start a fire.
  • Make cactus green dye.
  • Build your own base with some nice stained windows.
  • Craft an anvil.
  • Make a melon farm.
  • Make a potato farm.
  • Grow a giant mushroom.
  • Make some mushroom stew.
  • Refill the oasis near the abandoned village.
  • Catch a fish of any kind.
  • Catch a leather boot with the fishing rod.
  • Craft a map.
  • Build a barn near your base and breed an animal.
  • Find a diamond.
  • Build a jukebox.
  • Find a music disc to play.
  • Find gold.
  • Craft a clock.
  • Craft a golden apple.
  • Make a glistering melon.
  • Find some nether wart and blaze powder.
  • Craft a healing potion.
  • Craft a healing potion II. [You can find glowstone on the map!]
  • Visit the nether.

Additional Info

Recommended Texture Pack:

Creator: Nexareus (YouTube name: Arowwe)



2016-10-07 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Nexareus
(2306 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10
File Size: 6.9 MB
Date Added: 2016-10-07
Downloads: 66,633
Map Category: Survival Maps

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