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Survive Komodo Island

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  • The maps saying "Monitor 1: No input signal" are TV- or computer screens. 
  • All the other maps showing signs are made by me in an exact chunk.
  • No texture or resource pack necessary, but shaders may enhance the experience.
  • Do not re-upload this map elsewhere. Ask me if you would like to use the map for other purposes

This is the sequel to Survive OldvaleKomodo Island is a small island with various districts. The inhabitants of the island thought they were safe from the new virus, but they were wrong. You wake up 25 years later, only to find decaying structures, undead creatures and the few items left behind by inhabitants before the societal collapse. 


  • Volcano Observatory
  • Communication Antenna Tower
  • Container Port + Container Ship
  • Oil Refinery + Tanker
  • International Airport
  • Cargo Warehouse
  • Small Cement Plant
  • Construction Site
  • Bus Depot
  • Gas Stations
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Hospital
  • Two Beach Hotels
  • Lighthouse
  • Beach + Yacht
  • Elementary School
  • Church
  • Town Hall
  • Town Square
  • Residential Area
  • Townhouse Quarter
  • Office Buildings
  • Bank
  • A Low-end Residential Area In The Industrial District
  • Sewer With Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Parking Garages
  • Grade 6-12 High School With Various Sport Fields
  • Zoo
  • A Large Residential Area With More Than 20 Unique Suburb-style Houses
  • Car Ferry Terminal + Car Ferry
  • Another Lighthouse
  • Another Hotel
  • Casino
  • Cinema
  • Another Restaurant
  • Condominium-building
  • Grocery Store And Pharmacy

All buildings are furnished and contain loot. The items you find mostly resembles the items common in their location. (Fridge=food, closets=string, leather, metal nuggets (Cloth and jewelry))

The difficulty is normal by default. Try lighting up areas if you struggle with high enemy spawns.

Feel free to leave a comment with feedback or suggestions. You could also join my Discord channel!

I have paid great attention to the detail in this map, so I hope you like it. Enjoy!



2020-11-07 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Eivisxp
(639 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
File Size: 72.4 MB
Date Added: 2020-11-07
Downloads: 36,957
Map Category: Survival Maps

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