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Infinite Skyblock

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There's a thing that always bothered me with skyblock maps. It's that they don't allow for the same progression as a survival one.

There are items you can't get,  things you can't build. That's why I made Skyblock infinite. I tried making a map that would allow the player to get every possible item available, but keeping the usual resource management that made Skyblock popular.

Nothing too fancy here: a few little islands, and custom npcs to get certain items. But for patient players, it is possible to turn this world into something fantastic, with the use of late game farms and resource management.


How do i get this item?

Read the Wiki. There must be a way to obtain it. Otherwise, i probably thought about it and added something for it.

Can i go to then End?

Yes, you can. You'll be given coordonates of a tiny stronghold.

What about 1.19 stuff, like ancient cities?

There is one. Read the book inside your first chest for more details.

What about the enchanted golden apples?

Just play the game, you'll find them along the way, I can assure you. Not gonna be easy tho

I lost a crucial item and there's no other way to get it!

That's sad.

What about advancements?

They're almost all possible to obtain. Read the damn book.

That map is not very sophisticated! It's too simple.

I made it for myself, and thought it may suit to other people too. It's not meant to be fancy, it just has to be complete.

Can I reupload a modified version of the game to fix certain things?

There's normally nothing to fix, but if you want to do it anyway, I have nothing against it. Just credit me on the map page.

You forgot to think about [ insert something ] !

Comment below what you think I missed, if it's the case, you're free to modify it.

There is another map that's named Skyblock Infinite! THAT'S PLAGIARISM!

Yeah, I saw that when I wanted to submit the map, wasn't aware of that and it wasn't my intention to copy it. Here, take a look at it. It looks cool, and is very different from mine



2022-07-28 - Map Released.


- Fixed the structure generation (sorry for that) so now structures can generate in all dimensions. For existing saves, it should work by storing all your items in a chest, replacing the level.dat file and the datapack folder with the ones in the new download. Then get in your world and type /reload. However it won't generate structures in already explored chunks.  This method should work, but in case I'm wrong, do a backup of your save first.

- Also added 2 custom advancements, one is hidden.

- Fixed the constant weather and time of day ( forgot to change it when I submitted the map )

Map Details

Map Creator: Legolas030
(94 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.19
File Size: 11.2 MB
Date Added: 2022-07-28
Downloads: 25,464
Map Category: Survival Maps

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