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Heaven's Quest

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What's this map about?

Basically its Sky-Block with RPG elements. But before you stop reading, all that's similar is the concept of managing resources and the chunk of dirt in the middle of nowhere.

In this 'Heavens Quest' you will be rewarded with points every day you managed to survive. Then with those points you will be able to buy Items at a store.

But that's not all there is to it: You won't be able to buy any item just like that! You need to unlock these items before you can buy them by completing various quest. Only then you will be able to obtain all items you need to survive.


Quests function as following:
You will find Iron bars blocking your path, on the left side signs which indicate what you need to progress and right below a chest. On the right you will find a lever.

Put the items you need into the chest from where all required items will be removed,

Then, once all conditions are met, pull the lever and the path will open.

Also you will be given an instant reward most of the time and sometimes an item in the store will unlock.

If you require a list of all quest available, here you go:
(note: You will not find what rewards you will get, only requirements)

- Quests -
  • Survival 1: Requirements: Return to heaven
  • Survival 2: Requirements: Survival 1, Workbench x1
  • Survival 3: Requirements: Crafting 3, Survive 5 Days successfully
  • Farming 1; Requirements: Survival 2, Bone x1
  • Farming 2; Requirements: Farming 1, Wheat x3
  • Farming 3; Requirements: Farming 2, Apple x1, Fence x4
  • Farming 4; Requirements: Farming 3, Oak leaves x30
  • Farming 5; Requirements: Farming 4, Potato x10
  • Farming 6; Requirements: Farming 5, Cookie x8
  • Farming 7; Requirements: Farming 6, Golden Carrot x1
  • Crafting 1: Requirements: Survival 2, Stone Brick x10
  • Crafting 2: Requirements: Crafting 1, Yellow glass pane x2
  • Crafting 3: Requirements: Crafting 2, Brick x10
  • Crafting 4: Requirements: Crafting 3, Granite x20
  • Crafting 5: Requirements: Crafting 4, Shelf x1
  • Crafting 6: Requirements: Crafting 5, Nether Brick x10
  • Combat 1: Requirements: Survival 2, Rotten flesh x3
  • Combat 2: Requirements: Combat 1, Having gone to the Arena
  • Combat 3: Requirements: Combat 2, Spider eyes x4
  • Combat 4: Requirements: Combat 3, Gunpowder x4
  • Combat 5: Requirements: Combat 4, Ghast tear x1
  • Combat 6: Requirements: Combat 5, Magma cream x1
  • Forging 1: Requirements: Crafting 2, Charcoal x4
  • Forging 2: Requirements: Combat 3, Iron ingot x1
  • Archery 1: Requirements: Combat 2, Push a button (yes I'm serious)
  • Systems 1: Requirements: Crafting 4, Compass x1
  • Taming 1: Requirements: Crafting 5, Fish x5
  • Taming 2: Requirements: Taming 1, Raw beef x10
  • Taming 3: Requirements: Taming 2, Hay-bale x10
  • Fishing 1: Requirements: Farming 4, Lily-pad x1
  • Boss 1: Requirements: Fishing 1, Nether star x1
  • Boss 2: Requirements: Boss 1, Nether star x1


This challenge consists of 2 major instances:

- The "Earth"
- The "Heaven"

"Earth" is similar to Sky-Block: A chunk of dirt and cobble in the middle of nowhere. That's about all.

"Heaven" is split into multiple sections:

Quest Building
Here you will find all quests and instant rewards. Make sure to keep track of your progress!

All unlocked items will be there for you to buy. You can buy items by stepping on the pressure-plate in front of the item.

In the Arena you can fight for some extra points once a day. You fight through waves with increasing difficulty until you reach a boss. Dying in the Arena will still count as regular death and prevent Points and Heaven the next day.

Offering Hall
Here you can sacrifice items to gain additional points. Warning: not all items will give a reward but will not be returned to you. You will have to find out what kinds of items work and which do not by yourself.


There are rules in this map you should be aware of.
(a book with all rules is in the game as well)

- Punishment for Death:
Survival is important so death will be punished. If you die you will not receive points for 1 day and will not be able to go to heaven

- Heaven:
Once a day, in the evening, you will be able to go to heaven. There you can go after Quests, by items or go to the Arena. Time stands still and you will be set to Adventure mode. Upon teleporting back, time will move again and you will be set to survival again.

- Arena:
You can go to the Arena once a day, not going there one day will not stack the amount of attempts you get at the Arena. Dying in the Arena will count as a regular death and you will be Punished likewise.

- Gaining Points:
You will get 10 Points each morning, if you survived the day prior to that. You can gain additional points by killing monsters or offering items. Each monster will yield 1 point.

Additional Info

if you encounter any bugs/issues, please report them immediately and i will release a fix as soon as possible you may only upload/share this map on other sites with my permission, which you are likely to get if you ask me.

Check out the Minecraft Forum Thread of the map for reporting bugs and discussing balance issues.


Update v1.0.10:

  • Lowered leap speed of the Token.
  • Filled another hole.
  • Replaced all texts by raw json messages.
  • Made some systems more fail proof (systems with lower performance should profit from this).
  • Chunk updates now rely on world-spawn instead of piston-cycles.

Update v1.0.9:

  • Added “Skip Day Token“: They are throwable potions and once thrown, they will leap time until the next evening. Their supply is limited to 3 though.
  • Fixed arrow chest reset.
  • Improved spawn accuracy for servers.

Update v1.0.8:

  • First day now actually is shorter.
  • Added notes on what will be unlocked in the next quest.
  • Fxed a typo (it said required yellow glass block but actually was yellow glass pane).
  • Added guide on how to properly place end portals to get them to work.
  • Added Arena reward for defeating 15th wave (Wither-skull) - Instant reward on Dark Oak fixed, now gives 4 saplings.

Update v1.0.7:

  • Multiplayer now doesnt crash at 23069 ticks anymore.
  • Filled Holes in Quest Building.



2016-03-12 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Jackmember5
(372 votes)
Map Version: v1.0.10
Minecraft Version: 1.9
File Size: 7.1 MB
Date Added: 2016-03-12
Downloads: 37,819
Map Category: Survival Maps

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