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Minecrafters that know this story might say that its fake or not real. I laugh at those who feel that way. Neus is the reason survival has been made into a game.  I've spent weeks trying to write down all I know into this notepad of mine. But one day while playing lonely single player, I generated the seed and I couldn't believe my own eyes. It be the Neus!

Your survival begins here!

Enjoy your 50 Goals

  1. Expand the Pillar
  2. Try to come up with a good system for mining blocks. (There below the bedrock)
  3. Create a automatic cactus farm.
  4. Mine Some coal
  5. Create some torches
  6. Light the Pillar up.
  7. Create a furnace
  8. Mine some Iron
  9. Create some Iron Ingots
  10. Craft some Iron Tools
  11. Using left over cobble use your way towards the infinite spring
  12. Using the bucket(s) move the water source closer to you and harvest the blocks.
  13. Find Lava
  14. Make a Cobble stone Generator
  15. Find Some Gold
  16. Make Gold Ingots
  17. Create a dock about 25 blocks away from the spawn. (In front of the chest) So mobs can spawn.
  18. Create a Mob Grinder on the Dock.
  19. Collect some obsidian. (Oh yeah.. Where getting there.)
  20. Create a Clock
  21. Craft a Compass
  22. Make a sugarcane farm.
  23. Start making your way towards that Mossy Cube. (Bring a sword)
  24. Raid the dungeon.

a. The Nether

  1. You can fall into the void here, Be careful.
  2. Make a Nether Portal.
  3. Parkour Threw the Nether
  4. Make it to the “Mini-Nether Sphere”
  5. Go down the shaft into the “Mini-Nether”
  6. Find 3 chests in the nether. (Excluding the one inside the “Fortress”
  7. Find a “Fortress” (Surrounded by Netherbrick)
  8. Collect the Red and the Brown mushroom.
  9. Harvest the Netherwarts
  10. Collect 6 Soul Sand blocks.
  11. Make a Netherwart Farm.
  12. Collect some Ghast Tears (Good luck..;))
  13. Gather some golden nuggets from Pig Zombie.

The Pillar

  1. By this time, I expect you to have a house. A pretty decent one too. There should be a room for the following. Nether Portal, Tree farm,  Sugar cane Farm, cati farm.
  2. Find diamond.
  3. Craft some diamond tools
  4. Go towards the end portal.
  5. Mine the obsidian.
  6. Jump into the End.
  7. Without fighting the boss, Gather some End Stone.
  8. Go back the End portal and surround it with end stone and make a walkway of endstone to the portal, to your house.
  9. Go to your chest, Take a look in it. Pull out what you need to fight the ender Dragon.
  10. If you haven't already try to get a friend to join you on a server that one of you should host..(This is optional.)
  11. Slowly walk towards the portal (You should record this)
  12. Step threw The End.
  13. While killing the Ender Dragon, yell things like BEGONE DEMON!!(This is kind of optional too but funny as hell if you record this.)
  14. Make me a video of what you have made.
  15. Like my facebook page here.
  16. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel as well!



2012-03-30 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Bloxri
(114 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.2.5
File Size: 1.8 MB
Date Added: 2012-03-30
Downloads: 58,167
Map Category: Survival Maps

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