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The EnderPearl Battle

Created by Mokay_96

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Map Info:
The EnderPearl Battle is a PvP map where you have to fight against your opponents to be the last survivor! But it's not so easy, because the arena consists of flying islands. And you have to use EnderPearls to move in the arena! In the beginning, search for a sword and a equipment in the chests scattered on the arena. If you want better swords, you have to find the secret chests!

This map is quite fast, but fun. It uses command blocks and the rules are in books in chests. I speak French, but the rules are in English and French.

Good luck !

Map Details

Creator: Mokay_96
(7 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 350 KB
Added: 2013-06-23
Downloads: 22,111
Category: PVP Maps


CM47 Played the map with a couple of friends, we made a couple of changes, the main one being we removed the dirt so if miss enderpearled we didn't have to find our way back. At first we were a little unsure of rules and after a while we lost all the cool gear, so maybe being a little clearer on the rules and way of replacing items perhaps. On a more positive note after a while we went for leather armor stone swords and a bow and we had a lot of fun. The islands are well layed out and they are neither too far away or too close to each other. good places to hide or shoot from.
If you are interested in how things played out here is some of the footage:

2013-07-07 20:39


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