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Primeus Towers

Created by FloxHunt

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This planet composed of floating islands is a war region. The two biggest clans, the Mantis and the Dracos, are fighting for supremacy of the planet. Their objective is to put an end to this war that has lasted for far too long. There has already been too many casualties.

To end this war, each clan has to disable the enemy's weapons by stealing the enemy's energy cores placed in energy towers. It would make the other clan surrender. Let the best clan win !

Primeus Towers is a PvP map using the flag-match concept. It's better played with a minimum of 6 players (teams of 3).

THE GAME : Two phases, night time and day time.

NIGHT TIME (10 minutes)

During this phase, the objective of each clan is to collect stuff by mining at the cobble, coal, iron and diamond generators on his island and by stealing stuff to the No Clan Warriors who landed unfortunately on the battlefield.

After that, the resources have to be sold to the Warzan Clan, pacific clan leading the war economy. They are the only way to get better stuff and the core disconnectors (an essential tool to steal the enemy cores). The boosters which permit to reach the enemy island are disabled.

DAY TIME (Infinite Time)

This phase is the most important. The boosters are activated and the assaults on the enemy are possible. It's the moment to use the stuff bought in the first phase. Use the boosters to reach the other island and go steal the enemy cores. But be careful, to defend itself each clan owns 4 bonus features that can be use at any time. Don't forget that you need a disconnector to steal the core. What's harder is to bring back the core to your camp because you are detectable (particles) and slowed by the heavyness of the core. You'll have to use the enemy booster to go back on your island and lay the core on your energy generator (beacons). Use team tactics to succeed.

Don't forget ! If you kill an enemy who carries one of your cores, take it back to one of your towers to receive a team heal. And finally, if a core falls in the void, it re-appears on the central platform between the two biggest islands. Steal the cores of the 5 enemy towers and victory is yours !

Bonus Features

- Black Fog : Rise a compacted fog on the enemy (Blindness IV, 50 seconds)

- Mega Boost : Great power to use in last resort (Regeneration IV/Speed IV/Jump Boost IV/Strength IV/ each for 30 seconds)

- Destroyer : A sword. Very powerful, but heavy. If it falls on the ground, it can't be taken back.

- Nuclear Grenade : Grenade with a big radius of destruction (every one kills 50 blocks around where it falls)

More infos

- The game is equipped with an automatic reset system. So you don't have to re-install the map after a game.

- This map is optimised for minecraft 1.8.1 but works in 1.8 version

- To play, don't forget to allow the command blocks on your server.

- Creator : FloxHunt

- Helpers : Zennel/Calambiel, maxo6, Keel100, helios082001

Have a nice game !


2015-01-27 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: FloxHunt
(12 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.1 (Java)
File Size: 3.1 MB
Date Added: 2015-01-27
Downloads: 6,181
Map Category: PVP Maps

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