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Created by Supersette

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This minigame is based on who gets to 6 points first.

The arena has many platforms on it, decorated with mushroom trees and their roots which you can also use to find a better path.

You can choose to play rounds with power-ups, which are: Levitation Arrow, Enderpearl, Slowball and Speed Feather.

To score a point, you need to first go to the middle platform (coloured white), and then you will get assigned a random colour platform to go to (red, blue, purple or green) which will be in one of the four corners.

When you fall, you respawn on a random normal platform with 5 seconds of disability and you'll be invulnerable from knockback for a bit longer.

This game can be played in Team Mode (Red and Blue) and in FFA (Free for All).

This minigame is also available on Minecraft Realms, so if you have one you can play it directly from there ;).

Two or more players are required to play the game.



2018-05-11 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Supersette
(63 votes)
Map Version: v1.4.1
Minecraft Version: 1.12 (Java)
File Size: 771 KB
Date Added: 2018-05-11
Downloads: 2,718
Map Category: PVP Maps

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